Non Sequitur

24 August 2013 | Alameda
23 August 2013 | 119 NM NW of the Golden Gate Bridge
22 August 2013 | 11 miles NW of Cape Blanco
21 August 2013 | 11 miles NW of Cape Blanco
19 August 2013 | Coos Bay, Or
18 August 2013 | 37 miles NW Coos Bay
17 August 2013 | South Beach Marina Newport, Oregon
16 August 2013 | 45 miles from Newport Oregon
15 August 2013 | West entrance Strait of Juan de Fuca
15 August 2013 | Pacific Ocean southwest of Neah Bay
14 August 2013 | Neah Bay
05 August 2013 | Mackaye Harbor
05 August 2013 | Bedwell Harbour
04 August 2013 | Poet's Cove, Bedwell Harbour
29 July 2013 | Squirrel Cove
26 July 2013 | Waddington Harbour, Bute Inlet, BC
25 July 2013 | Waddington Harbour, Bute Inlet
24 July 2013 | Big Bay, Stuart Island, BC
23 July 2013 | Teakerne Arm
22 July 2013 | Teakerne Arm

Teakern Arm

22 July 2013 | Teakerne Arm
With full water and fuel tanks, full cupboards, empty holding tank and trash, and clean laundry, we set out from Lund for one of our favorite anchorages. Located within West Redonda Island, Teakerne Arm offers excellent views and a lovely hike up to a fresh water lake and excellent swimming hole. While the setting is lovely the anchorage can be somewhat challenging. With steep beaches that drop into 1000+ foot depths, one has to get scary close to shore to drop an anchor then quickly dinghy ashore with a stern tie to keep from swinging into the large rocks that form the beaches. Amongst these precarious anchorages there is one highly sought after spot that not only offers reasonable anchoring depths and is surrounded upon three sides by 100 + foot walls, but also is the site of a beautiful waterfall that originates from the fresh water lake on the interior of the island. Usually this spot is filled first thing, knowing this and realizing our chances were slim, we still decided to check out "the waterfall" spot just in case no one had already laid claim to it. Much to our surprise, we found it open and awaiting our arrival! After some careful work we found ourselves anchored at the most beautiful anchorage I have ever seen. We concluded our day with a hike to the lake and a delightful fresh water swim!
Vessel Name: Non Sequitur
Vessel Make/Model: CS 34
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA, USA
Extra: SV Non Sequitur is a 1991, fiberglass constructed 34' sailboat made in Ontario, Canada. Originally a sloop rig, during our recent refit, we added a cutter stay and running backstays primarily for the storm-jib.
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