Non Sequitur

24 August 2013 | Alameda
23 August 2013 | 119 NM NW of the Golden Gate Bridge
22 August 2013 | 11 miles NW of Cape Blanco
21 August 2013 | 11 miles NW of Cape Blanco
19 August 2013 | Coos Bay, Or
18 August 2013 | 37 miles NW Coos Bay
17 August 2013 | South Beach Marina Newport, Oregon
16 August 2013 | 45 miles from Newport Oregon
15 August 2013 | West entrance Strait of Juan de Fuca
15 August 2013 | Pacific Ocean southwest of Neah Bay
14 August 2013 | Neah Bay
05 August 2013 | Mackaye Harbor
05 August 2013 | Bedwell Harbour
04 August 2013 | Poet's Cove, Bedwell Harbour
29 July 2013 | Squirrel Cove
26 July 2013 | Waddington Harbour, Bute Inlet, BC
25 July 2013 | Waddington Harbour, Bute Inlet
24 July 2013 | Big Bay, Stuart Island, BC
23 July 2013 | Teakerne Arm
22 July 2013 | Teakerne Arm

A Quick Note

05 August 2013 | Bedwell Harbour
Just a quick entry tonight while I'm waiting for the photos to upload. We've maxed the available space in the first album (120 photos), so I've added a "B" album and promptly filled it, and so started a "C" album of photos. Go back through and look at the all the other photos. We found quite a few that went "missing" and put them into place, and have quite a few more that are currently out of place that were taken in Bute Inlet. I will reorganize these when I get better internet, but I can't complain about this right now, its free, and its "borrowed".

We hiked Mt Norman today (see photos) and as always it was immensely beautiful. This evening we went for a dinghy ride to the cut between N and S Pender Islands, and then on to Pt Browning, a new favorite for us. Got back after dark.

Tomorrow we go to Friday Harbor to check back in to the US, then down to McKay Bay to stage for crossing the Straits of Juan de Fuca. They've been blowing like stink lately, and mornings are the best time not to get spanked. So, that's the plan.

For those who've been asking, Rachelle's shoulder is much improved, and I think my stitches will come out tomorrow. Rachelle was very quick to remind me tonight that that means I'll be able to do the dishes again...maybe I'll keep them in another day.

Now off to bed with me, its only almost 0145 as I write this, and will likely be later by the time I get it posted.

I'm back. A pod of Orcas just swam through the bay just outside of the anchorage. I could hear them very well, and every now and again you could see the dorsal fin of one in the very low light. Ok, now I'm going to sleep. Well, I'll try anyway....
Vessel Name: Non Sequitur
Vessel Make/Model: CS 34
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA, USA
Extra: SV Non Sequitur is a 1991, fiberglass constructed 34' sailboat made in Ontario, Canada. Originally a sloop rig, during our recent refit, we added a cutter stay and running backstays primarily for the storm-jib.
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Our photos of the race on Hooked.
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Our 10 day sprint to Desolation Sound and back to Seattle
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