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Waiting for the internet

16 June 2012 | Russian Bay, Poros
We've spent the last few weeks in Epidavros and Poros. We're currently in Russian Bay waiting for a new internet dongle. We took out a new contract when we were in Crete and upgraded to a pocket wifi dongle so that we could connect both laptops and the phone to the internet at the same time. So far the dongle has been replaced once and we are now waiting for our third. It works fantastically for a couple of months and then the wifi stops so it has to be connected by cable, meaning that it can only be used by one laptop at a time. We've been promised that it would be there today but no phone call so far - maybe we'll have to wait 'til we're back this way next week.

We've had a lovely week lazing around in a beautiful anchorage with just a few other boats and some goats to keep us company. Russian Bay is so named as the Russian Navy had a base here during the Greek war of Independence. There's a tiny island with a chapel on it dedicated to teachers. The water surrounding the island is good snorkelling ground and Andy has been hunting with his spear gun every day. He's been lucky twice, we've had gilt head bream for dinner two days running.

The weather is now hot hot hot - 30+ degrees - and the water is getting more and more like a bath, bliss! We're both swimming several times a day, it's the only way to stay cool. We've got quite a bit of wind forecast for today and tomorrow, it's been blowing a bit this morning but has calmed down now. We're expecting it to pick up again though. We may have a rough ride back to Epidavros tomorrow.

Earlier in the week we had a night in 'half a brain bay', on Angistri. (So named as Andy found half a plastic brain there last year). The holding isn't good but we were okay for the night. Once the wind picked up the next morning we headed down to Poros and managed to sail almost all the way.

We're cleaning in Epidavros on Monday and then we're heading round to Nafplion for a fortnight. It will be nice to move on, we've been round this side for about five weeks now. It will be nice to see all our favourite anchorages in the Argolic Gulf again.

Vessel Name: Norna Biron
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Steel Cutter
Hailing Port: London
Crew: Andy and Steph Marsh
About: Husband and wife team with Puss and Fluff to help out!

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Who: Andy and Steph Marsh
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