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Did we leave that behind?

05 December 2012 | Raft Up
This month's Raft Up questions what we brought with us and what we left behind when we left the UK. Other blogs exploring the same topic are listed at the end.

When Andy moved on board Norna in December 2006 he hired a skip and in went anything that he hadn't used for at least six months, including the desk top computer, printer, microwave, countless clothes and other 'junk'. I was still living alone in my house so my belongings were protected from this carnage! I had a completely different attitude when I moved on six months later, I looked at the space available and crammed as much in as I could! I still had to leave a lot of stuff in storage but even some of that has gradually made its way on board. Luckily Norna was built with a huge amount of storage space and we've taken full advantage of that. The waterline is probably much higher now than when previous owners had her.

As we lived on board for a further year after I moved on in the UK and continued working we needed things that we might otherwise have left ashore. However, when we left the UK to start our cruising life, we didn't really empty anything off, just added more stuff! We had three deck boxes built, one houses the black water tank, one is the laundry and the other, bigger one, hold tools, storm anchor, bbq and tools, toys, gas bottles, diving gear etc etc. The boxes take up some of our valuable deck space but are a godsend for storing all those extra things that take up so much room.

Our first winter in Preveza, spent with Tony and Gill of Nimbus and Albert and Sheena of Miyagi Moon, made us realise that although we'd brought a lot of stuff with us we'd also left behind (or thrown away) other belongings that would have been very useful. We were lucky enough to be in contact with Vyv, who was driving out to Preveza in his camper van the following spring and agreed to bring some things out for us. A few phone calls later and the sewing machine, food processor and some other bits and pieces were dragged out of storage and given to Vyv for delivery. We had to buy some items when we discovered that life would be easier if we had them on board, the printer for example. It is much easier to be able to print off our own flight tickets than to find someone who is willing to do it for us, although we've recently discovered that the ink doesn't last very long in the Mediterranean heat, it dries up very quickly.

We have several big space splurgers on board - the galley being the main culprit. I have gradually brought more dishes and other items over from the UK and crammed them into the space available, I do use them all and they can be difficult to replace if they get broken. Books are another space taker. We have seven shelves of paperbacks waiting to be read. We have considered getting e-readers but we're not desperate for the space....yet! We have five boxes of DVDs that we'd love to put onto a terrabyte drive but don't have the software to do so (any ideas anyone?). We have my old surround sound stereo system on board to provide sound for movies, it does take up quite a bit of space with the woofer, five mini speakers and the main unit but it was too good to throw away, wasn't worth anything second hand and would be wasted in storage so it came with us. When it breaks down it won't be replaced. My clothes take up two hanging lockers and two deep drawers. Every now and then I move them all around and wonder if I should throw some things away but, once again, we're not desperate for the space so they can stay there for now.

When we're invited on board other boats sometimes I look around and see their uncluttered spaces (we have framed photos and books on almost every flat surface) and wonder if we should do more to get rid of some of our 'stuff'. But then I decide that we're managing fine at the moment and we like having our things around us. Maybe when we're ocean travelling we'll have to make more of an effort to clear spaces so that our belongings don't become 'missiles' in rough seas but until then things are fine the way they are.

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Vessel Name: Norna Biron
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Steel Cutter
Hailing Port: London
Crew: Andy and Steph Marsh
About: Husband and wife team with Puss and Fluff to help out!

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