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Raft Up: Blue Jobs, Pink Jobs

06 January 2013
This month's Raft Up is about how we divide labour on Norna.

Dividing the 'jobs' on Norna has never presented a problem to Andy and I although we have probably put women's causes back a few years! Andy does all the traditionally 'male' jobs and I do all the traditionally 'female' jobs. Don't get me wrong, we're both happy to have a go at everything but we're also clever enough to recognise our strengths and weaknesses and work around them.

I have absolutely no interest in engineering type jobs, I'm c**p at decorating/painting, I don't have the patience for sail making/repairs. So Andy does all of those things - he's very good at them and loves learning new skills related to the boat. On the other hand, I love cooking (and guests say that I'm very good at it), I'm happy to sit online and research the latest purchase for days at a time and I'm good at keeping the boat and our extensive stores organised.

Andy is very busy this winter, making a new mainsail and a bimini frame and cover. Each day he heads off to the local taverna that we've rearranged into a sail-loft and spends the day sitting at his machine sewing away. Unless he needs a labourer, I stay on board, do some online research, prepare our meals, do the laundry and make the chutneys and jams that we will store for the summer.

The three yearly lift and paint job means that whilst Andy is busy scraping, prepping and painting, I am learning the best places to buy masking tape, grinding discs, anti-foul, primer etc and how to get to those places. The local bus timetable gets imprinted on my brain. I often arrive home after another day hunting for stores to find Andy covered in old paint. I sometimes feel that maybe I'm not pulling my weight but because I can go and do the searching out, it leaves Andy to get on with the manual stuff. Besides, he's seen my efforts at decorating in the house and doesn't trust me with a paintbrush!

When we were planning to buy new batteries we spent a long time looking at what was available and what was best for our needs as well as most cost-effective. I read so much information and became quite well-versed in how batteries work and how they should be charged. Now when talk with other boaters get round to batteries Andy passes the conversation to me as he says that I'm the battery expert on Norna!

As far as sailing the boat is concerned we are both capable of sailing her single handed. We feel that as a couple it is important for us both to be able to handle the boat and carry out emergency procedures in case one or other of us is incapacitated in some way (yes, I can change a fuel filter and bleed the system). When we're passage making we divide the day into watches and both take our share of the night hours so that we get adequate sleep.

The crew (Puss and Fluff) spend most of their days sleeping, however they do contribute lots of love and cuddles, especially during the long night hours on watch!

Working to our strengths makes for a peaceful life. Andy maintains the boat and I maintain him!

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Vessel Name: Norna Biron
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Steel Cutter
Hailing Port: London
Crew: Andy and Steph Marsh
About: Husband and wife team with Puss and Fluff to help out!

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Who: Andy and Steph Marsh
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