Ntombi too

Who: Johan and Francina Botha
Port: London
We were very fortunate to be sailing in Cape Town Harbour at the start of the Volvo harbour race. Even more fortunate to meet Laura Dekker, the youngest sailor to do a circumnavigation.
09 September 2019
29 June 2019 | Denerau harbour Anchorage/Wailoaloa beach/Vuda Marina
25 June 2019 | Beqa island, Robinson Crusoe island, Noisali island
06 June 2019 | https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/Ntombi
02 June 2019 | Suva, Fiji
02 May 2019 | Whangarei Marina
23 September 2018
22 November 2012 | New Zealand
27 October 2012 | Tongatapu
28 September 2012 | Tahiti
09 September 2012 | Apataki
01 September 2012 | Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas
26 August 2012 | Hiva Oa
14 July 2012 | Pedro de Gonzalez, Las Perlas
03 July 2012 | Panama
29 June 2012 | Panama
20 June 2012 | Curacao Spaanse waters
20 June 2012 | We left Bonaire at 24h00 in order to arrive at Curacao during daybreak. The sail was very bumpy due to the direction of the waves in the strong wind. We did not sail with the main, but only the headsail with the pole. The wind was mostly from the stern
17 June 2012 | Kralendijk, Bonaire

Pedro de Gonzalez island, Las Perlas

14 July 2012 | Pedro de Gonzalez, Las Perlas
Voyage: Balboa yacht club, Panama to Pedro Gonzalez, Las Perlas
Distance: 48 nm Time: 12 hours Average: 4 knots
In Johannesburg, you go to work early in the morning. You need to deal with a lot of traffic berfore you arrive at the workplace. Leaving Panama this morning, we had to deal with a different kind of traffic. The vessels varied between a few feet and hundreds of feet. some of them has a beam 3 times the length of Ntombi (34 ft). Traffic also flows in both directions and you cannot leave the channel due to depth constraints. It is amazing how soon you adapt to dealing with these enormous ships all around you.
Some of the most renowned pearls in the world came from the oysters on the seabed around the hundred or so islands which make up the Pearl Islands (Las Perlas) archipelago in the Gulf of Panama. The islands are mostly uninhabited except for some fishing communities and only a few of the islands have tourist development. But slowly, the potential of the Perlas islands as a beach resort and leisure destination is being realised.
We saw a very big school of dolphins practicing their diving skills on our way. We had a few close encounters with tree trunks drifting in the water. We actually hit the one trunk when Johan looked away for a split second (10m x 30 cm).
The highlight is the Dorado that Johan caught. He attempted again to fillet the fish. At least we know what we have for dinner tonight. The wind was very low and we had to motor a quite a lot in order to arrive at the island in daylight.
We arrived at Pedro Conzalez island and anchored close to Blueshift who was already waiting for us. We baked the fish Johan bought instead of the Dorado he caught and went to bed at 20h00. The Blueshift crew invited us to a feast that they specially prepared, but we turned them down, totally exhausted. Sorry guys.
On Friday Johan scraped the barnicles off the bottom of Ntombi. He saw that the one bush on the driving shaft came loose. Luckily there are 2 bushes and one is still in place. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the deck - nothing cleans a boat like elbow grease. Ntombi is white as new and we can start our Sabbath satisfied and exhausted.
We went over to enjoy Fresh tuna, caught by Martin who arrived during the afternoon. I made sushi and Martin fried some Tuna steaks. The Blueshift crew contributed pumpkin and rice (with chicken). We had a feast and only got back to Ntombi at 23h30.
On Sabbath afternoon we went ashore. Johan said he heard strange voices calling him - when we went ashore we found lots of Mangoes and Coconuts. This island is still undeveloped, but there is unfortunately some development taking place at the moment. We could hear jack hammers the whole day. It is a pity because it is such a beautiful island with the natural habitat and only a small fishing village on the opposite side where we anchored. We picked mangoes from the trees and we also picked up some dried coconuts under the trees.
The crew from the other 2 yachts planned a fire on the beach for the evening. It started getting late and we decided to give it a miss when they called at 20h30 to go ashore.
We filled our water tanks (it helps if you have fellow yachties with a watermaker) and left the lovely island of Pedro de Gonzalez in the Las Perlas group to continue our long passage to Marquesas.
Vessel Name: Ntombi
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Roberts, Offshore 45
Hailing Port: London
Crew: Johan and Francina Botha
About: Johan is the captain and qualified diesel engineer with experience in MTU, Detroit, DAF, etc engines.
Sailing in Mauritius in 2003 changed our perception of sail boats. The focus therefore shifted from motor boats to sail boats. We bought a Holiday 23 after completing our Yacht Hand and Day Skipper licence with Ocean Sailing Academy in Durban in 2006. We sailed her on the Vaaldam and the dream [...]
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Ntombi too

Who: Johan and Francina Botha
Port: London
We were very fortunate to be sailing in Cape Town Harbour at the start of the Volvo harbour race. Even more fortunate to meet Laura Dekker, the youngest sailor to do a circumnavigation.