Visit from Maurice and Ange

20 January 2016
Just a very quick update.
Maurice and Ange joined us for a few days up the lazy river. Lovely times of course, playing card and board games and enjoying great food. Happy days. Hope we see them out here again soon.
Good to talk, if only briefly!,

Feliz Año Nuevo y Feliz Ano Novo

31 December 2015
Happy New Year to one and all!
(in both Spanish and Portuguese)

Sitting up in the Portuguese youth hostel which lets us use it washing machine and dryer whilst Ed is on Rubaiyat on the Spanish pontoon. We are looking forward to celebrating two New Year's this evening, first in Spain, then in Portugal, the same time zone as UK.

As ever to back track a little, only by a week this time!
Of course we had a great time with Giles and Barnie, eating and drinking well. We celebrated as the locals do with our main meal on Christmas Eve, having been to Spanish Mass. We dined off partridges and other fine birds, a la Chef Ed.

Here's Barnie and Ed prepping our dinner of small birds.

31 December 2015
Barnie was more than good as a sous-chef. He alos prepared small cuttlefish, aka chopitos, which is hard to do then cooked them up beautifully.

On Christmas Day we went to the beach ...

31 December 2015
... and had a bbq. The beach is up a little inlet on the river. Many of us ex-pats, living on boats, or up and down the river on small holdings (fincas), had a great time.

Courtesy Flags

31 December 2015
This shows Ed's Christmas present. It's a compilation of all the country flags of all the many countries we have visited over the last few years. Ed loves it, as do I.Thanks to our Irish friend, Bren, for organising it for me! Hope to see you in the Spring.

One of a few Christmas walks ...

31 December 2015
... this one up to the Spanish windmills
Vessel Name: Rubaiyat
Vessel Make/Model: Constellation 44
Hailing Port: Hamble
Crew: Capt Eddie & Claire

Who: Capt Eddie & Claire
Port: Hamble