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Week 58

07 April 2013 | Tunisia
Jono and Andrew
Last weeks photos are now online. Enjoy! I am too tired to write this evening but Andrew just sent me some blurb to keep you all amused.
All the best,

So 4 weeks have passed and it was back to the zoo. Sonja the elephant was still there (why Sonja? If you fancy a chuckle have a read of “The 100 year old man who climbed out a window and disappeared”) and she was waiting for me. Thankfully she’s patient! Other animals that were seen while over there include the lesser spotted red squirrel, about a dozen monkeys and we even saw a camel or two on the way back to the airport! But the ol’ girl is coming together.

It was another week of non-stop painting, polishing, fairing and repairing (sometimes having to repair things which wouldn’t normally otherwise need repairing, but it adds character!). The aim of this game is to reuse as much of the material that came off Chinook in the new boat so nothing was thrown away and time has been spent cleaning up old brass bolts, bars and other bits and pieces to see which can be reused – the main hatch now has 2 sparkling rails made from old hinges whilst the helm has been lovingly restored with salvaged bolts.

Things have been advancing on other fronts – the jumper strut has been shaped and painted/varnished, the rigging has been re-checked on the mast, the new bow sprit has been sanded to the correct length, cabin soles have been shaped and put down, the shower tray has been formed and painted, the galley has some beautifully veneered work surfaces and the fridge and freezer were installed!

Just in case you were ever wondering, it takes 3 people to sikaflex the glass into decklights! Two to pass comment on how/should/could be done without spreading the black stuff everywhere (not that kind of black stuff unfortunately) and one to actually do the work! It took a day to set up all the frames and then a couple of hours of gunking, but we got there! They’d better be watertight or there’ll be three of us to blame!

Aside from that, Jono and Guillaume did give the old girl a good shaft through the course of the week – P-bracket has been measured up, all that remains is for it to be welded and then the shaft can be trimmed.

Oh and there was a teaser of what the rudder will look like when its in its final place. And the fairing of the hull continues.

So, the main questions at the end of this week are will she be ready for launching in a couple of weeks and was the haircut Jono got the last time I was there really that bad???


Vessel Name: Chinook
Vessel Make/Model: N G Herreshoff New York Yacht Club 40 footer
Hailing Port: London
Crew: Graham Walker, Jono Greenwood, Sandra Ugolini, Andrew Bates, Manu Fontaine
Chinook was built in 1916 for Oliver G Jennings of the New York Yacht Club. She is hull number 782 and was launched as "Pauline" in the spring of that year along with her 11 sisterships. She raced with much success through out the twenties and thirties and changed ownership a couple of times during [...]
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Chinook NY48

Who: Graham Walker, Jono Greenwood, Sandra Ugolini, Andrew Bates, Manu Fontaine
Port: London