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24 June 2013 | Frejus, France
04 June 2013 | Antibes, France
19 May 2013 | Off the coast of Tunisia
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Week 62

05 May 2013 | Tunisia
Jonathan Greenwood
This past week has been an even bigger week than the last and the levels of stress and fatigue are increasing with each day that passes and that draws us ever closer to our inevitable departure towards the south of France in a couple of weeks. Time is short and we are expected on the start line at the end of the month in Antibes. I am guilty of neglecting friends and family these past few months and for that I am very sorry, but we have the bit between our teeth and it is hard to do everything and be everywhere all at once and I really think that what we are doing is worthwhile and important, so I would ask you all to forgive my long absence and rest assured that I will return soon.
We stepped the mast on Tuesday and it was a successful operation. I am happy to report that there were no major hiccups and that it was well planned. JC, our rigger, came out from France for the occasion and did sterling work for the three and a half days that he was on site. Meanwhile we have been laying all the deck hardware, plumbing, wiring, painting, varnishing, drilling etc etc. We have a lot left to do , but we will be ready to deliver to France in a couple of weeks. I haven’t taken many photos of the progress this week but I will post some more tomorrow. The photos of the stepping of the mast are now online.

Best regards to all and thank you for all the congrat’s, comments and general moral support.

Vessel Name: Chinook
Vessel Make/Model: N G Herreshoff New York Yacht Club 40 footer
Hailing Port: London
Crew: Graham Walker, Jono Greenwood, Sandra Ugolini, Andrew Bates, Manu Fontaine
Chinook was built in 1916 for Oliver G Jennings of the New York Yacht Club. She is hull number 782 and was launched as "Pauline" in the spring of that year along with her 11 sisterships. She raced with much success through out the twenties and thirties and changed ownership a couple of times during [...]
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Chinook NY48

Who: Graham Walker, Jono Greenwood, Sandra Ugolini, Andrew Bates, Manu Fontaine
Port: London