Log of Badu--- a Tiki 21

The one who cannot move

24 April 2010
16 April 2010
04 February 2010
03 February 2010
03 February 2010

Sailing to Crane Keys

04 February 2010
Sunny, Windy, Cold
The nights have gotten really cold, the wind is still raging from the north, and I am making sail to the Crane Keys. Last night I wore all my clothes, sleeping bag, put my legs in a backpack and finished of with some towels on top. Still cold. The wind is building again and is more than 20 for two days now.
Sailing south with the storm jib and a reef I have plenty of speed and the loads are still small.
There goes the sun past the edge of what is meant by the word Earth. And then a wind shift as radiation diminishes with the light. The anchorage is sticky mud and I'm in less than a foot at low so atleast I'll sleep soundly inspite of the howling wind. I don't need to think about the anchor, it seems to enjoy being tied snugly around the bow and shows no signs of chafe.
Vessel Name: BADU
Vessel Make/Model: Tiki 21
Hailing Port: Ocean
Crew: casey and julia
About: Giving up the shore base this year was a big step in trusting the Alliance. I hope it works....