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24 April 2010
16 April 2010
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03 February 2010


16 April 2010
In answer to a few questions in the comments. Yes we still have the Tiki. The kittiwake 23 was a short lived adventure and was never intended as anything else. I got sick of using the computer and didn't bother to blog the final log entries from the florida trip. After arriving in Key West and having three buyers not show up to look at the boat, I gave it away to a fellow I met who needed a place to crash.
In response to Seans question about the Tikis suitability for voyaging: I don't mean to sidestep the question but... I am no longer of the opinion that boats are inherently suited to any particular use. It is more a matter of whether you are suited to the task of voyaging aboard the particular boat in mind. If you are Moitessier it is realistic to make a long voyage in a boat made of wood, burlap, newspaper and pitch (1st chapter of The Logical Route). If you are Rory it is realistic to circumnavigate with an enginless Tiki 21.
Badu suits me very well. But it is me that voyages, not the boat. If you are realistic about long term voyaging then your boat will be also, regardless of what it is. The Tikis are proven, have excellent sailing and sea keeping qualities, low maintenance, easy build, beachable ect. they are clearly suited to voyaging as long as you are suited to voyaging on them. The 26 will hold more stuff if you want more stuff with you, it is a touch faster if you notice that its faster. Since launching Badu I have received a lot of emails from people interested in Tikis, which I didn't answer. Everyone seems to have a lot of questions about little details that don't really matter once you get underway.
So here is my advice if anyone wants it.. GO SAILING! Learn what it is to live with the ocean and the sky, a fleck of consciousness residing in a sea of moving particles. Get to the heart of your desire, focus on building yourself instead of the boat and the right boats will find you when you need them. If your going to build don't get hung up on details, make your choices based on the knowledge at hand and move on, you can always change it later. Personally I'm not that interested in the building techniques, toxic shit chemicals, and paintbrushes that I periodically must use. I no longer read books about refits, weekend projects, or sailing techniques. 90% of my navigation consists of observation, intuition, and memories. No numbers and lines, just clouds and waves, sun and moon.
It has been a progression, this progression is what I mean by build yourself not the boat. Boats build themselves according to the physics of the universe once you understand how they behave, you understand how they behave by going sailing. so we are back to GO SAILING. don't think, dont talk. Practice holding your point of attention, free of thought, on the energies moving through your boat, the ocean, the sky, yourself, and soon things will make themselves apparent.
I hope I don't sound like an ass, and that this is of some help to those trying to navigate through the fog of information about boats and sailing, and get to actually doing it..... and telling sea stories.

This may be the last post on our blog as we will be discontinuing the use of it. It is an unnecessary carbon footprint, and I've already spent too much of my life typing.

there are the living, the dead, and those at sea.
Vessel Name: BADU
Vessel Make/Model: Tiki 21
Hailing Port: Ocean
Crew: casey and julia
About: Giving up the shore base this year was a big step in trusting the Alliance. I hope it works....