Log of Badu--- a Tiki 21

The one who cannot move

24 April 2010
16 April 2010
04 February 2010
03 February 2010
03 February 2010

tiki surfin

24 April 2010
yesterday I had a great sail. 30 nautical miles in 3.5 hours. Badu is very heavy right now, loaded with tools and supplies for land activities north. still she wants to surf on the right size of wave. the scary bit is when the fore stay bridle starts slicing the next wave face. still haven't pierced a wave yet but am entering them with about an inch of free board at the bow, jets of water spraying the underside of the boat like a fire hose. The next leg I'm going to take it easy by only going out in less than 15 kts of air. Badu is about 6-8 inches down on her lines.
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Vessel Name: BADU
Vessel Make/Model: Tiki 21
Hailing Port: Ocean
Crew: casey and julia
About: Giving up the shore base this year was a big step in trusting the Alliance. I hope it works....