Cloud 9's NZ cruise

Steve Horne circumnavigates New Zealand solo.

Those that helped make it happen.

21 June 2016
I have to say a deep thanks to some that helped along the way.

Gary Krinkel - Gave heaps mechanical support on problem solving before I left. He was my main comms man on shore giving many suggestions on what to do. I think Gary was re-living his experience on a South Island rounding twenty years ago. It was good to have someone to debate and argue things with.

Mike Elliot - I'm lucky he insisted on creating and running the Blog. It gave a few more people an idea of what was happening and a bit of humour.

Geoff Bagnall - helped with boat structural stuff. Result was a very light boat came back in one piece despite many a pounding.

Off course there were others who had all sorts of input.

So if I can do it then many others can. So go for it. There are still plenty Blue Cod to catch there.

I may add stuff to the blog from time to time so check in any time you want to.
For those that need my personal email address for any queries it is - " ".

Cheers for now


Reward for Finishing the Trip.

21 June 2016
Couldn't have had a better reason to get back in time. Together with Warren and Jason.
I arrived back Saturday morning and it was Jason's birthday party that evening at his new house in the wops. I lasted till 8-30 that night and then had to sleep.


21 June 2016
Some interesting Stats and Facts :-

PERIOD Away - Four months and three days
Departed 8th Feb
Returned 11th June

ENGINE hours run - 540 hours
This includes motoring around Fiords, running engine to keep batteries and the freezer up.

FUEL Used.
700 litres diesel
Consumption was average 1.3 litres per hour.

DISTANCE travelled - 2800 nautical miles ( 5180 kilometres )

Average SPEED
Sailing 6.5 knots
Motoring 5.6 knots

BEST place - Luncheon Cove, Dusky Sound. Going slowly in narrow channel withing metres of little islands to a completely protected cove. This is where I caught the big Blue Cod from the dinghy.

WORST place - Anchorage Cove, George Sound.
Cascade cove, Dusky Sound. Wild winds blew me into the trees all night.

Lyttleton to Coromandal Mercury Islands - Six days - Five nights
Whangaroa round Cape Rienga to Nelson - Five days, four nights

STRONGEST Winds - 45-50 knots approaching Breaksea Sound. Confirmed by a DOC crowd that inspected boat next day.

BIGGEST Swells - about 5.5 - 6 metres. The swells were 3/4 way up the mast which is 11 metres above waterline.

1) Doing 20-25 minute catnaps for the days/nights on passage.
2) Changing to #3 furling headsail from Nelson to Dunedin. Even this I reduced from time to time.
3) Upgrading the VHF aerial at Stewart island to have great transmitting / reception.
4) Installing an electric anchor winch to save the old back.

1) Tiller pilot stopped at Milford Sound
2) Losing the top three mainsail mast slides twice in bumpy seas.
3) Mainsheet top block attached to the boom. Existing and spare one broke.

Basic SAFETY stuff.
1) Always being attached to boat by harness and lifevest. I just had to look at the water going past, even slowly to know it was definite death if I went over at sea,
2) Resisting temptation to sleep longer than 20/25 minutes at a time. Too many fishing boats and ships around that come up so quickly.
3) Good pair of binoculars.
4) Look after and check the engine like it's your most favourite bestest girlfriend.
5) Going very slowly and cautiously near rocks and dicy bays.
6) Doing anything all the time to protect the boat and rig.
7) Stay upbeat. Don't be depressed more than two minutes. If the mind is good then the body and boat will be good.
Being anxious is however good (makes you sharp) but not scared and fearful (makes you useless).

Bloopers I made! or maybe Hot Tips for you guys.

20 June 2016
Thought I was perfect but it seems not as is obvious from the following bugger ups -

1) Not picking up that there was diesel bug in the fuel tank before I left.
2) Departing from Whangaroa for North Cape and West Coast even though I had just heard about a big cyclone developing in Fiji.
3) Not tightening the last bolt of the anchor winch thereby letting sea water flood my v-berth
4) Leaving radiator cap off after topping up coolant and then running engine for an hour.
5) Put some oil into the coolant area instead of oil filler (don't ask!)
6) Leaving cooker flame on while eating the meal.
7) Pulling into the wrong anchorage and asking what happened to the Pub that was supposed to be there (Portage bay, Pelorous Sound)
8) Overslept in midday sun and glassy sea to be woken by a ship coming head-on and a mile away. (off Gisborne)
9) Not reducing mainsail in time off Breaksea Sound with excalating sea conditions. This almost caused me to lose the rig overboard. Touch and go.
10) Running out of fuel in the middle of Dusky sound in 30 kts wind.
11) Over filling the fuel tank causing fuel to leak through breather pipe into my bookshelf when leaning over.

So what I'm saying it was not all plain and faultless sailing.

Surplus going Cheap

15 June 2016
Instead of giving this to the homeless I thought I would offer it to my good friends first.
Well looked after from beginning of the trip and of good flavour.
Pick up only - no delivery.

Welcome back

10 June 2016
Cloud 9 was greeted by a group of friends as she made her way back to her marina at 11.30 this morning.
A few bubbles were used to mark the occasion and then it was time for Steve to unpack and return to the real world.
Steve will do a bit of a debrief/overview post thing later but for now I'm afraid its sadly all over.

Fiji next year? Hell of a lot warmer and less distance. ME
Vessel Name: Cloud 9
Vessel Make/Model: Farr 9.2 30ft. Built 1985
Hailing Port: Milford Cruising Club. Auckland. NZ
Crew: Steve Horne
About: Round the bouys racing for many years. 28000 nautical blue water miles sailed on yacht deliveries
Steve Horne sailing solo on his Farr 9.2; Cloud 9, is attempting to circumnavigate New Zealand over about 4 months. This blog has been set up so that Steve can update friends and family of his progress and so we can also share in his experiences. Cell phone coverage will be patchy and when Steve [...]
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