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What a summer it has been

01 January 2011 | Vineland Ont. Canada
I haven't blog all summer and what a summer it has been. The Admiral (Darlene) broke her right ankle May 23/10 (so I was her Chauffeur all summer) Darlene went to work September 1st/10.
We sold a house, bought a house, moved a house, and we both started new jobs September 1st. Ocean Dove took a back seat all summer.
On Sunday September 19th I moved Ocean Dove to her winter port, and Wednesday September 22nd she was pulled and put on the hard for the winter.

I do have some comments on the new engine and drive train. The Vetus engine is very quiet and smooth which probably has to do with the engine's automotive heritage (Hyundai). The Campbell Sailor Propeller has performed well. I had to get use to the prop-walk as it is now to port and not as strong as the old propeller. I believe the light air performance of Ocean Dove is better; I don't get the feeling that we are dragging a bucket behind her when you get a puff of wind and Ocean Dove starts to accelerate.
Speed wise with the new engine I get about 6.7 kts @ 2200 rpm (max torque 2200 rpm and best fuel economy is 2400 rpm). When I push the throttle up to 3500 rpm (Max rpm is 4000 and 80 HP) the stern squats and I can do 8 + kts. It is good to know I can push it if needed.

There are still a number of summer work projects that did not get completed, and a new list of winter jobs to start. I hope to be ready for an early launch in the spring.

Jobs to be completed
Mount the NavPod and instruments.
Replace covers on drinking water tanks and replace all hoses.
Replace all hoses to and from the holding tank.
Remove and dispose of 60 gals of old diesel fuel (5 plus years old). Open and clean fuel tanks and install fuel level gauges.

I have purchase a Navigation Light panel from BOREL MANUFACTURING INC www.borelmfg.com the panel has a outline of the vessel with LED lights that illuminate to indicate which Navigation lights are on i.e. anchor lights, running lights, etc. I hope to free up 3 breakers in my main panel by moving the navigation lights to this separate panel.

I have been playing with is Window based Fuwai chartplotting software. I have an EeeBox PC 2gb, 80gb HD, it is about the size of a thin paperback book low power max 5.5 amps at 12volts. Quiet with no fan. I am using an old 17" LCD monitor than can run off of 12 volts about 5 amps. A Raymarine E85001 Interface Box connect SeaTalk with PC through a USB to Serial adapter.
Friends that know me would not believe that I would ever use a Windows base PC as for the past 20+ years I have used Mac. There is Mac chartplotting software however the issue is how will the PC to integrate with the others systems SSB, Pactor modem, Sailmail, Weatherfax, AIS, Naviconics charts and Raymarine autopilot, instruments,

I had planned to have only 12 volts power systems aboard Ocean Dove, larger alternator (150 amps), solar panels, wind generator, 120 AC would be supplied by a 2000 watt inverter, or shore power 30 amps.

Reality Check
The realization that only way to keeping the Admiral happy when it's hot is to keep her cool, and 120 volts AC unit is the only AC unit with enough BTU (16000) to do the job.
Now with a Generator in Ocean Dove's future I had to do some re-thinking.
I recently purchase a used Onan HDKBB 5.5 kw diesel generator I plan to marinzes it and install it into Ocean Dove.
The Onan HDKBB 5.5 kw has a rad cooled Kubota Z482 2-cylinder diesel with a belt driven generator in a sound enclosure. Onan makes a similar marine unit MDKHA for about $7000+ US. I looked at the Onan parts needed to marinze i.e. (heat exchanger, water cooled exhaust manifold and sea water pump etc.) total $2200+ or more than 125% I paid for the original generator.
The hunt is on to find the bits and pieces I need to marinzes this unit and install it and hopefully for a budgeted total cost of $2500 Can (I am not cheap just thrifty).
I will remove most of the sound enclosure to reduce the size (19" x 25" foot print) and weight of the unit (300 lbs) and for ease of maintenance. If the unit is too noisy I will increase the sound proofing in the engine room that will have the advantage of reducing all the engine room noise.
Most of the factory installed generator I have seen in Whitby's are direct drive (generator bolted to the back of the engine) and are installed fore and aft with the port side of the generator tight against the port fuel tank. A friend and fellow Whitby owner Dave Bellows (Luna Sea) spend half a day up side down removing the sound guard and the starter from his generator (7.5 kw) and another half a day installing it, he did it twice as there were problems with the rebuilt starter. It was clear to me that factory had not installed the generator for the ease of maintenance.
I plan to install the generator with the belt drive against the port fuel tank with just enough room to replace the belt (1500 hrs), this will leave the other 3 sides open for regular maintenance.
The installation of a 120 volts generator opens up other systems that need to be re-though.
Do I need a 900 amp-hrs battery bank? Or will 450 amp-hrs do?
The main battery bank can be charged with the 100 amps charger in the 2000 kw inverter when the generator is running.
I will install the 150 amps alternator on the main engine but should I install the 90 amp alternator on the generator, as there is not one installed now?
There a larger number of different models of water maker are available are 120 volts now which one???? Just more things to keep me busy.

Derek and Darlene
Ocean Dove
Vessel Name: Ocean Dove
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby 42
Hailing Port: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Crew: Derek and Darlene
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