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25 April 2010 | St.Catharines Ontario
25 April 2010 | St.Catharines Ontario
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No work this winter on Ocean Dove

02 November 2012 | China
The projects on Ocean Dove have be put on hold. I pull out Ocean Dove Oct 22 for the winter. Oct 28 I was on a flight to China. There with be no work done this winter. Work time is getting in the way of boat time.
I am in China for sea trials and delivery of the vessel MV Thunder Bay an self-unloading laker been built in China. It is the second of 4 vessel. Although my body is in china my mind is still doing project on Ocean Dove. I will post some of my thoughts and ideas here later.

Launch Day 4/13/2012

14 April 2012 | Port Dalhousie
Ocean Dove launched for another season on Lake Ontario.

Steer Stand Guard supports

14 April 2012 | Vineland
The steering stand guard on the Whitby is short, 13 ½ inches wide and a standard NavPod will not fit. I had Klacko bend a 10 ft length of 1 inch tubing in half and standard 12 inch wide to fix and 12 inch NavPod. The old guard and supports were removed. I installed the old guard top supports on the new guard but reversed them so the long tang is fitted on the forward side of the steering stand and the short tang is on the side of the steering stand. I put a piece of teak to fill in between the short tang and the side of steering stand and cut out two small section on the aluminum back plate so it would clear the long tang on the forward side. I installed two 1 inch diameter bases on the cockpit floor to support the bottom of the guard. A hole was drill through the bottom of the base and floor so instrument wiring could be run to the NavPod.

AC Panel

02 April 2012 | Vineland
Here is a close up of the AC panel
I have to order new labels as I do not have a Dishwasher, vacuum, stove, icemaker, etc., but the Admiral might wish we had them.

Sewage system

02 April 2012 | Vineland
Sewage system
I have given some thought to the sewage system on Ocean Dove. I would like to flush the heads with fresh water only. On the Great Lakes that is not a problem. I am considering piping the fwd. drinking water tanks to the heads. Removing the Y-valve and overboard connections from the heads and pipe the heads only to the holding tank. The holding tank will only be pumped out through the deck pump out connection or through the grinder pump and overboard. A lockable Y-valve would be in place between the holding tank, deck pump out connection and the grinder pump. The weak links are the grinder pump and the volume of water carried in the fwd. tank. A spare grinder pump and spare parts could be carried aboard and with a water maker hopeful fresh water would not be a problem.
I am open to debate on these ideals, so please comment and don’t be afraid to say I am stupid, just say why.

Profurl and Water Maker

02 April 2012 | Vineland
I had three must stops on my drive back to home (Canada) from Miami in February The Swap Shop Flea market, Sailor Man (both in Fort Laurdale), and The Sailors Exchange in St. Augustine. I was interested in finding R.O. water maker in need of TLC at good prices. The Flea Market was good for a walk around and a arm full of T-shirts for family and friends at home. Sailor Man's cheapest water maker was $1800.
I day later I was at Sailor Exchange eyes wide open at all the boat bits new and used.
They had a old HRO System 9 with an HP Cat pump and AC motor, electrical control box, 40" membrane housing. The unit was rated for 500 gals per day. Price $200. I thought it might be a bit more of a project than I wanted. As I was about to leave I spotted a complete Profurl roller furling unit, 44 ft. of foil, and manuals. Profurl units are completely re-buildable the bearings and seals are off the shelf items. I spoke with the owner and he wanted $500 for the Profurl and for additional $150 I could have the water maker too. SOLD!!!!!
I have rebuilt the Proful (cost $60 for 2 bearings and 4 lip seals) I will install it this spring on Ocean Dove's inner forestay for the jib stay sail.
The water maker is at the re-design and parts accruement stage.
Photos to follow:
Vessel Name: Ocean Dove
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby 42
Hailing Port: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Crew: Derek and Darlene
About: Derek is a Marine Engineer Darlene is a Register Nurse
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Captain and Admiral

Who: Derek and Darlene
Port: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada