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03 September 2013
03 September 2013 | Honiara
31 July 2011 | Vanuatu
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30 November 2009
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06 November 2009
06 November 2009
06 November 2009
01 November 2009 | Cairns

Townsville to Airlie Beach

06 November 2009
November 5-7
The second leg of our trip served up some much nicer weather, we even got an "I love sailing!" out of Anna, who was pretty seasick a few days ago as well. We sailed through some coral spawning, which as you can see above, was vast and sort of out of this world.
Chris was busy busy busy though...while the sail went smoothly, the toilet got clogged and he (unwillingly) had to unblock it. Let's just say Anna owes him a 6-pack. A few hours later, the engine just completely shut off. Chris worked his magic, put some more diesel in the tanks and fiddled around down below to get it working again so we could cruise into Airlie with no problem.
The most exciting thing that happened to me was getting hit directly in the face with a huge wave in the middle of the night...of course some of it made its way down to Chris's bed too. Sorry!
Vessel Name: Magic Roundabout, Cat Knapp & Anna Rose
Vessel Make/Model: Sweden Yachts 34, Anna Rose '43 yacht
Hailing Port: Whangarei, NZ
Crew: Chris Bone, Irene Llabres, Katherine Rainone, Anna Pohl
Permanant skipper Chris is a professional yacht skipper and runs a yacht delivery company- Pacific Yacht Deliveries. He has been an environmental activist for many years, including 2 years as a skipper for Greenpeace on the yacht Vega. [...]
The long term use of Magic Roundabout was donated to OceansWatch to carry out Marine conservation and provide humanitarian aid to the coastal communities in the Pacific. OceansWatch has set up an ongoing training system for yachties and divers to monitor reef health throughout the Pacific using the [...]
Home Page: http://www.oceanswatch.org

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Who: Chris Bone, Irene Llabres, Katherine Rainone, Anna Pohl
Port: Whangarei, NZ
In close co-operation with the world's yachting community OceansWatch undertakes marine conservation projects and undertakes humanitarian aid in developing countries. To join OceansWatch visit www.oceanswatch.org
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