Voyage of s/v Odyssey

28 September 2005 | Washington, DC at the office


28 September 2005 | Washington, DC at the office
Waiting to find out if our offer on Odyssey has been accepted.

Here's how it went down.

Saturday night 9/24.
So, we're at our marina's season closer party and we're saying that we've got to get out of here. We're going cruising. Couple hours into the party meeting new people, who are like, hey, I heard that you're taking off. Where you headed? Uh, I don't know. Probably down the ICW to the Bahamas then the Caribbean and then maybe more.

Sunday 9/23
We need a bigger boat. We close up Serenity Now and head up to the Upper Bay in hopes of checking out a Sunward 48 in Georgetown, MD. Turns out the Sunward just went under contract, but we are convinced to check out a Endeavour 42, named Uncle Harry, instead. Thinking about Uncle Harry as a possibility, we head over to Rock Hall to check out some Island Packets. Good news, Michelle is in! She's the boat broker who was so nice to us back when we were looking for our first boat (and willing to spend very little cash) a few years ago. She shows us our layout options in the 35 to 38 foot range. The moment we stepped on Odysey we were hooked. I take that back. As we were walking up the dock, it was really all those diesel cans tied up along the lifelines that just screamed I will take you far away. Wind generator and solar panels...this is serious. Loved those grab rails on the dodger. And the upholstery, wow.
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