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Vessel Name: Odyssey
Vessel Make/Model: Dudley Dix 38
Crew: Liz & Liam
About: An Irish ships captain and Welsh/Chinese accountant, after quiting our jobs we have decided to embark on our adventure aboard our 38ft steel yacht before Liz reaches 30.
We acquired Odyssey in October 2014 in the UK. She has been sitting at Haslar marina all winter where we have been preparing for our 18 month voyage. Our plan is to join the ARC+ rally departing the Canaries in November, heading to St. Lucia via Cape Verdes. From there we plan on spending a few [...]
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09 May 2016

Anchorages of the Virgin Islands

We have had a jolly ol' time in the British and US Virgin Islands and here are some, but not all, of our favourite anchorages there. Easy sailing with the next island barely an hour away. Watch out for the inexperienced charter boat, of which there are plenty in the BVIs. Turtles in every bay, swimming [...]

01 May 2016

Jack's story

“Did a car just pull up?” I looked around. The roads were empty, just a couple of bars, their light spilling out onto the beach, illuminating small waves, lapping lacklustre on the white sand. No cars. “We’re right next to the customs office”. I looked around. How many ferry terminals could [...]

15 April 2016

Fay's story

12 Dec – 26 Dec

28 January 2016

Antigua and Monserrat


09 January 2016

Windward Caribbean islands

Woken by a rooster crowing, the sounds of waves lapping on a beach and the intermittent whirring of the wind turbine. We've been cruising the Caribbean for a month now and still quite a few islands to visit.

Galicia to Portugual

05 August 2015
Thursday 30th July - Camariñas

The cabin is dry and put back together now and we had to flush out the grey water pump out system as all the non-bio washing tabs fell in the sink and congealed itself. Another lesson learnt.

It is howling wind outside and Liam's managed to construct a device to stop the wind turbine blowing around, consisting of a piece of wood and a cable tie over one of the blades. The wind dies down eventually and we spend another peaceful night at anchor in a bay in the Ria de Camariñas.

After getting a few jobs done at anchor, we head over to the marina, €18 per night and €1.50 for a beer.

We bump into Paul of Pieces with Jackie in town, who we met at La Coruña and who we were anchored next to for 2 nights in the bay and end up enjoying a bottle of wine with them on their beautiful boat after having anther beer in town with them. Pleasant town famous for it's lace we later find out.

Sunday 2nd August - Finisterre

I'm a bit hungover the next morning so Liam goes and gets the boat ready and helps Paul up his mast while I recover and we're off towards Finisterre.

Lights winds today so we have the genoa, jib and main all up and we're doing 4 knots while yachts around us are motoring.

We see the end of the world that is Finisterre and come up the bay and take an anchorage at Playa Escordi. Liam jumps straight into the water. We lounge around for a while and hear the Galician bagpipes on shore. After dinner we get in the dinghy, say hi to Pieces anchored a few metres away and get to shore, a deserted beach apart from a wedding party going on. Beautiful setting.

Thursday 4th August - Baiona

Got into Baiona yesterday evening after motoring from Ria de Arosa, where we spent a night at anchor off a bay behind some muscle farms in 15 metres of water. Motor sailed to Baiona in no winds past the national park.

Getting into the posh marina, Monte Real Club de Yates and we're not yet confident of backing in so we pay the extra to get our own finger pontoon. €37 per night even with the 25% ARC discount, although we are presented with a bottle of wine. Fancy beer at the clubhouse €1.80.

Lovely clubhouse in an old historic building on the grounds of the castle, beaches either side, view over the marina one side and replica of Columbus' ship on the other side.

We decide to explore the town and find a narrow lane packed with bars, restaurants and cafes. We're not too hungry so pick 3 plates of what we think is tapas to discover that duo de latas, google translated as "cans duo", literally means two cans, one of muscles and another of what looks like cockles. Thankfully, it was followed by a platter of mixed cheeses and meats and also a very nice local dish of roasted and salted peppers.

Tuesday 4th August - Viana do Costelo, Portugual

Up in the morning after a squeaky night with the ropes on the pontoon and we go off to see this replica ship for a bit of culture.

We're sailing out of Spain now, not quite downwind, slightly on the starboard side with a good breeze, doing 7 knots. A bit rolly in the swell, but the sun is out the whole way.

As we near the breakwater at Viana, the wind is doing 20 knots and there are wind and kite surfers everywhere and we're not sure who is the give way vessel and so there's nothing for it but to plough right through them. They don't seem that bothered and are in fact so relaxed that a few of them come and give us a wave whilst they're flying around our stern.

A motor up the river and we're bow into the wind trying to keep still, waiting for the footbridge to open to get into the marina, since the waiting pontoon is full. The footbridge swings out 90 degrees and we get in trying to figure out where the marina guy was pointing for us to berth. It turns out to be one of those lazy line jobs. Stern in isn't really working so we manage to get bow on and pick up the line to attach to the stern right next to a 48 ft French catamaran.

Not the easiest to climb over the anchor to get onto the pontoon. We check in and then head to the bar, €1.50 a beer.
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