S/V Odyssey

1979 CSY 44 Walk-Over, center-cockpit, cutter

01 November 2015 | Home in Calabasas
08 July 2015 | Channel Islands Harbor
08 July 2015 | Dana Point Harbor
08 July 2015 | Kona Kai Marina, San Diego Harbor
08 July 2015 | Marina Coral, Ensenada MX
08 July 2015 | Turtle Bay and north
08 July 2015 | Enroute
08 July 2015 | Enroute to Turtle Bay
08 July 2015 | Enroute to Los Cabos
08 July 2015 | Marina De La Paz
25 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
25 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
10 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
07 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
07 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
04 June 2015 | Puerto Los Gatos
04 June 2015 | Isla San Francisco at "the Hook" and the north anchorage
04 June 2015 | Isla San Francisco
04 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz, Caleta Lobos

Escape From Cabo to Bahia Los Frailes

15 November 2013 | Bahia Los Frailes

Mexico 11/12
We left Cabo before 0700, dodging all the fishing boats that were crowding the fuel dock. We motor sailed in a beautiful and calm morning, spotting lots of wildlife along the way. We saw jumping
Manta rays, jumping tuna and even some marlin showing their aerial stuff. John spotted a couple of huge manta rays and pointed them out to me. As we made our way further east, the ocean began to show signs of waves from the Sea of Cortez, coming straight at us. As the day wore on, the waves became steeper and were joined with winds of 10-20 knots on our nose. This slowed our progress to under 4 knots at times, delaying our arrival at Bahia Los Frailes until about 4:30. Although we had fishing lines out the entire time, we didn't catch anything except a dirty rag that blew overboard.
When we arrived, we quickly dropped anchor and jumped in the 81 degree water. John swam to shore, while I used the stand up paddle board. I saw a spotted eagle ray as it swam underneath me. The evening at anchor was one of the best so far, with a half-moon, cool breeze, and gentle rocking motion. It seemed quiet with just john and I on board, after sharing the boat with Milo and Kyle for so many days. We miss their company.

Vessel Name: S/V Odyssey
Vessel Make/Model: Caribbean Sailing Yacht (CSY) 44, W/O
Hailing Port: Ensenada De La Paz, BCS, Mexico
Crew: Bill, Susan, Cody and Kyle and friends
About: Bill and Kyle, along with crew, brought Odyssey to Mexico in November, 2013, with the Baja-Haha. She now lies in La Paz, BCS. Family and friends will come to share experiences in the Sea of Cortez.
Extra: I am planning to cruise the Sea of Cortez for at least a year, and then maybe do the "puddle jump" to the south pacific.
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