S/V Odyssey

1979 CSY 44 Walk-Over, center-cockpit, cutter

01 November 2015 | Home in Calabasas
08 July 2015 | Channel Islands Harbor
08 July 2015 | Dana Point Harbor
08 July 2015 | Kona Kai Marina, San Diego Harbor
08 July 2015 | Marina Coral, Ensenada MX
08 July 2015 | Turtle Bay and north
08 July 2015 | Enroute
08 July 2015 | Enroute to Turtle Bay
08 July 2015 | Enroute to Los Cabos
08 July 2015 | Marina De La Paz
25 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
25 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
10 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
07 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
07 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
04 June 2015 | Puerto Los Gatos
04 June 2015 | Isla San Francisco at "the Hook" and the north anchorage
04 June 2015 | Isla San Francisco
04 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz, Caleta Lobos

La Paz Arrival and Baja Bash Preparations

08 July 2015 | Marina De La Paz
Bash 1

We arrived in La Paz last night and opened the boat up. I was traveling with my longtime friend Mike "shorty" Serleto. Odyssey was stiflingly hot, having been closed up for a week. We didn't do much before going out for Chinese food with my friend Richard. I decided to sleep out in the cockpit, since it was warm and breezy. Did I say breezy? It started really blowing, making me dream that I was out on some wind-swept tundra or something. I finally threw in the towel in the wee hours of the morning, and settled into my regular berth.

I ran some errands in the morning while Shorty hosed down the boat before meeting our new crew members, Billie (Erin) and Mark Billingsby. They arrived about 10:00am and after some introductions, they quickly became familiar with Odyssey. We erected the big sun shade because it was already hot. With Mark's help, we installed boards along each side of the boat to attach our four 50 liter fuel jugs to. That gives us 150 gallons of fuel, which should give us enough range to make it to Turtle Bay, our first fuel stop after Cabo. After looking closely at the weather charts, we decided that we would head out on Thursday morning, making an overnight cruise to San Jose Del Cabo. If the weather holds we will fuel up and rest before leaving at midnight Friday night. We all went to dinner at La Costa, where we enjoyed our food, and then joined some other cruisers to play darts. A great time was had by all.

We had another breezy night, which gave us a clear and sunny morning. We spent another warm busy day getting ready, which included buying and stowing 10 days worth of food, moving the SUP (stand up paddle boards) mounts, replacing a fan belt, and many other minor things. We had a great meal at Tail Hunter, and were treated to a beautiful last sunset in La Paz. The crew and I are all eager to get going.
Vessel Name: S/V Odyssey
Vessel Make/Model: Caribbean Sailing Yacht (CSY) 44, W/O
Hailing Port: Ensenada De La Paz, BCS, Mexico
Crew: Bill, Susan, Cody and Kyle and friends
About: Bill and Kyle, along with crew, brought Odyssey to Mexico in November, 2013, with the Baja-Haha. She now lies in La Paz, BCS. Family and friends will come to share experiences in the Sea of Cortez.
Extra: I am planning to cruise the Sea of Cortez for at least a year, and then maybe do the "puddle jump" to the south pacific.
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6 days at the islands, swimming with whale sharks
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