S/V Odyssey

1979 CSY 44 Walk-Over, center-cockpit, cutter

01 November 2015 | Home in Calabasas
08 July 2015 | Channel Islands Harbor
08 July 2015 | Dana Point Harbor
08 July 2015 | Kona Kai Marina, San Diego Harbor
08 July 2015 | Marina Coral, Ensenada MX
08 July 2015 | Turtle Bay and north
08 July 2015 | Enroute
08 July 2015 | Enroute to Turtle Bay
08 July 2015 | Enroute to Los Cabos
08 July 2015 | Marina De La Paz
25 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
25 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
10 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
07 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
07 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz
04 June 2015 | Puerto Los Gatos
04 June 2015 | Isla San Francisco at "the Hook" and the north anchorage
04 June 2015 | Isla San Francisco
04 June 2015 | Marina De La Paz, Caleta Lobos

On To San Diego

08 July 2015 | Kona Kai Marina, San Diego Harbor
Bill, cloudy
Bash 7

Well, it is the Forth of July and we decided to spend it in Mexico. Most marinas in the U.S. are crazy with boaters on the 4th, and I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get a slip in San Diego or elsewhere. We spent the day relaxing by the pool and getting ready to leave tomorrow. We joined our new friends and dock mates Charles and Brenda, from the boat Vanquish, for cocktails aboard and then dinner out. After a lovely dinner at a place with great food and an ocean view, we returned to Odyssey. There was a wedding taking place nearby with a DJ and blasting music, so we decided to head out for San Diego at 11:00pm instead of waiting until 2:00am, which was our original plan. We had some wind and waves but we made good time, crossing the border at 9:30am and arriving in San Diego about 11:00am.

We tied up at the Police dock and made arrangements for Customs agents to meet us so that we could be cleared for entry into the U.S. They arrived about an hour later, filling out forms, and making throw away a bunch of food items. Just like clearing out of Mexico, lots of paperwork that nobody will ever ask to see. We continued on to a slip in Kona Kai Marina belonging to our friends from Ensenada, Charles and Brenda. They loaned it to us because they would not return until a day later. Thanks guys! We all wanted food so we put on our walking shoes and headed out. Unfortunately, the marinas are located at the end of Shelte Island, a large T-shaped peninsula, so we ended up walking a couple of miles before finding a pub. After lunch, Shorty and I took Uber back to Odyssey for much-needed naps, while Billie and Mark stayed to watch the World Cup Soccer final with USA versus Japan. After the game, which the US won handily, everyone rested in preparation for yet another night passage. We pulled away from the dock at about 10:00pm, and were soon back in the ocean heading north towards Dana Point harbor, our next stop.
Vessel Name: S/V Odyssey
Vessel Make/Model: Caribbean Sailing Yacht (CSY) 44, W/O
Hailing Port: Ensenada De La Paz, BCS, Mexico
Crew: Bill, Susan, Cody and Kyle and friends
About: Bill and Kyle, along with crew, brought Odyssey to Mexico in November, 2013, with the Baja-Haha. She now lies in La Paz, BCS. Family and friends will come to share experiences in the Sea of Cortez.
Extra: I am planning to cruise the Sea of Cortez for at least a year, and then maybe do the "puddle jump" to the south pacific.
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