2 clueless day skippers with Patience

'Live Aboards' in Valencia

01 November 2015
I can't believe that we have been living aboard Patience for over a month now. Time for a blog update me hearties ...

The weather during October has mostly been glorious with the odd Mediterranean storms thrown in to keep us on our toes !

The boat is sitting comfortably, moored on pontoon B2,at 'La Marina Real Juan Carlos 1' with just the marina wall separating us from the Valencia sandy beach,where we have idled away hours swimming, soaking up the sunshine, playing "keepy uppie" and boulles. Not sure how long this weather will hold out, but today, although a bit windy, the sun is out and the forecast rain is nowhere to be seen.Maybe later we'll pop to the beach to try out our bargain 10 euro boogie boards as the waves look fun.

Living on the boat is still an adventure, although Ricky will keep finding maintenance jobs to do - yawn! He is currently lifting huge sections of the saloon floor and sanding and re varnishing them.He has also found a tiny leak coming from the fridge, so being a boy , has to find out where it's coming from and like the little dutch boy, plug up the hole.I'm not really moaning, as I have read enough sailors blogs to realise that living on a boat means there are always on going maintenance jobs to do, lest we sink , or in the case of the floor, fall through it - and it keeps him out of trouble.

We have began to explore the city on our fold up bikes, and still have loads more to see.
One of our favourite rides is along the old river bed, that runs right through the city centre.The river Turia, which once flowed there, kept flooding ,so after a disastrous flood in 1957 the government decided to divert the river away from the city centre. This left over a million square metres of river bed that was landscaped and turned into parkland and sports areas.It goes on for miles and only when you walk or cycle under a bridge do you remember you are actually on the old river bed. There is even a giant Gulliver playpark that you can spot on Google Earth, where you can climb all over Gulliver and feel like the little people of lilliput !

So far of the "must visit" places, we have been to the Bio Park, where they have tried hard to create a natural habitat for the animals, that the visitor enters rather than peers at through bars or glass. It's amazing getting that close to the residents and on the whole most of the animals appeared happy and curious with lots of room to explore. They use water to keep the wilder animals at a safe distance but the huge gorilla was a tad scary.He was the boss. Notices warned not to look him the eyes as he might consider it a challenge or threat so believe me I didn't!!There was an amazing show at the park where the birds of prey swooped down across the audience in what appeared to be in time with the music. They also had managed to train beautiful exotic birds and smaller creatures,like a wart hog and pot bellied pigs and a porcupine, who unexpectantly wandered cheekily into the arena to the delight of everyone.

We also visited the modern arcitectural buildings of the 'Ciudad De Las Ates Y Las Ciencias' The city of Arts and Sciences,(in photo) which house a huge aquarium, a science museum and an IMAX cinema.
Not sure why IMAX didn't seem to take off in England cos I thought it was amazing. We watched a film called 'Mysteries of the Unseen World" which showed things that were unseeable with the human eye as they were too fast,too slow or part of the invisible colour spectrum. Fascinating !!!

The Aquarium was wonderful, as with the Bio Park they had tried to create natural environments although in my humble opinion not so well. The buluga whales looked sad, although that could just be because their home was a concrete pool, and one of them moved very little,as if resigned to his lot.The other fish, birds and mammals looked bright and well cared for by the smiley staff who we witnessed interacting with them.

The science museum was very exciting.We got to ride in a simulator that took us to space, which for me,transported me back to being a child in the 60's,watching, with awe and wonder , at the first moon walk.For those of you familiar with intec in Winchester, this was a million times better, more high tech, with interactive exhibits that worked so Ricky and I had a ball!

We even managed to have a day at the Valencia World Open Tennis Tournament . We didn't know any of the players, not quite Wimbledon, but exciting all the same. Apparently Andy won last year but couldn't be arsed ( sorry a bit harsh) to come this year as he didn't need the qualifying points !

Last night we went to cheer along a charity Halloween Fun Run, which followed part of the Grand Prix track that runs along the edge of the marina.The costumes were amazing and as with all things in Spain, it was a real family event,with competitors of all ages.There were babies in prams, dressed as cute pumpkins, teenagers as characters from horror movies, the usual witches and horrific looking zombies.And afterwards no one came to trick or treat so we got to eat the sweets ourselves - result !!

So , I guess that's about it for this months update. Take care everyone and Keep me up to date with your news, as I do miss you all very much.

Donna and Ricky xx

Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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