2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Heading North to Corfu

03 August 2016
After saying goodbye to Pam and Andy, we had a couple of weeks,before Dom arrived, so decided to visit Corfu and see the mainland north of our usual cruising ground.We spotted a couple of anchorages near to Vathi on the island of Ithaca. Unfortunately the first was too deep, full of huge gin palaces and the second , tucked behind the island of Skartsoipo,didn't offer enough protection from the wind.So, we ended back in Vathi for the night.
Whilst we were there we noticed the bathing ladder was broken so the following day we had to head to the boatyard in Nidri to get it welded as without it - no swimming !! We managed to get it welded perfectly but sadly still no swimming as the bay was full if huge jelly fish. Yes - huge, the size of dinner plates!! They looked a bit like pork pies with red spots on the top. Needless to say we didn't hang around and headed towards the Lefkas canal in time to make the 10am swing bridge into Prevasa. New territory for us so very exciting.

Prevasa is a place that many Brits choose to spend winter so we were keen to see the attraction. Sadly it was lost on us,as apart from catching up with Johnny on 'Jambo'and meeting a lovely couple, Matt and Emma,who are just starting their journey on their boat 'Creo' (who I know are going to make the most amazing, creative videos of their adventures - so look out for them ) we found Prevasa noisy and easily forgettable .

Our next stop Lakka on the island of Paxos was the complete opposite. It was as gorgeous as everyone described. Even the number of boats jostling for a space in the bay didn't spoil it for us - it was stunning ! The blue clear water was breath taking.

From here we zig zagged to the mainland on the recommendation of Gordon and Louise, a Scottish couple, also sailing a Moody. Great tip guys as we managed a great sail across to Plataris, where we anchored by the beach for a couple of hours before heading into the marina ahead of the winds. We made it just in time because minutes after we tied up 7 boats of Gap Year students from Oz and New Zealand descended onto the harbour. They have only been sailing 3 days - no experience (could only happen in Greece) - left to crew 34- 36 foot yachts - Crazy !!
Still Ricky found it entertaining watching them try to dock . One crew ( all girls ) took 9 attempts , two of which smashed the front of the boat on the harbour wall and lifted the anchor of a smaller boat,next door, leaving it scrapping alongside the concrete- ye ooch ! They were singing till 2am -Walzing Flipping Matilda !!! (God I am turning into a grump!!)

We finally landed on Corfu Island at the tiny fishing port of Petriti . We anchored outside, opposite the beach with a few other boats. The anchorage is a good spot, soft sand so anchor dug in really easily and we saw one lonely dolphin !!!!
A short swim away in the middle of the bay,is a tiny collection of rocks that someone has turned into a little camp by hanging a tarpaulin across drift wood posts,to provide shade . There is even a Greek flag to welcome you . Obviously we had to check it out ... On further investigation we discovered that someone, or perhaps a small gang of explorer hippies have obviously spent a great deal of time cementing bricks together and making it homely, with island made tables and chairs. All it needs is the Swiss Family Ribinson!
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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