2 clueless day skippers with Patience

On the hunt for a winter home .

04 September 2016
Word on the ground - or should I say word on the sea, was Mesolongion( Missalonghi )was a good place to stay for the Winter, providing you don't need to lift your boat out, as the marina currently doesn't have the correct licence. We have heard stories of yachties anti fouling their boats at midnight, dodging the harbour police! Patience still has a crustation free hull and some anti foul left, so we set off to check it out !
Missalonghi is on the mainland in the Gulf of Patras ,so we needed to head South again.

On route we finally got to visit the island of Meganisi. It was as gorgeous as everyone said. The hills,a lush green with Cyprus trees and the sea, picture postcard blue.We stopped at Spartakhori and moored bows first on a pontoon belonging to a local taverna,where we had supper.The meal was nothing special but the mooring was free and beach and bay were stunning. There were actually quite a few fish swimming around in the clear water, which made a change.The chill out cocktail bar had hammocks in the sea - very chic. Needless to say if we weren't fretting about booking a Winter berth we'd have stayed put for a bit.

From here we sailed East to the island of Kalamos as we wanted to check out the deserted village at Port Leone.Apparently the residence up and moved out after the 1953 earth quake,leaving the remains of their houses and some of their belongings behind them.
We arrived a bit late,as the town is slowly being rebuilt, not quite the set for a zombie movie we had imagined. Still the bay itself was pretty and we had a fab snorkel in the clear water, albeit avoiding the kamikaze wasps that hung around until dusk.Think I would have preferred zombies ha ha.

We left promptly the following morning, Ricky lifting the anchor, braving the wasps hanging around on deck, while I hid below !

Monday 30th August
We finally reached Missalonghi and it was a a quirky place , with houses on stilts along the canal on the way up to the marina, giving the whole place a bit of a 'shabby chic shanty town' feel.The houses were once fishermen's houses called 'pelades' but now they are mostly holiday homes with extensions and terraces on the waters edge where one can sit and while away the evening.

The marina is set amongst the salt marshes, home to a variety of sea birds. We saw a flock of pink flamingos doing an impression of the red arrows overhead - a good omen I think.The place is flat (a bonus) and the town a student town that doesn't close down during the winter months. The yachties,marina staff and locals were all friendly. On our walk into town, I stopped to look at the fruit on the tree in the photo, and a lovely old boy smiled at me and promptly picked me two - they were pomegranates!
so ... All things considered we signed the contract-This is to be our winter home from November 1st - yikes !

But before then,we are off to explore the Peloponnisos (Peloponnese) in the Southern Ionian. Our intention to sail all the way around,up to Athens,then back through the Corinth Canal to Missalonghi.

Fun, fun,fun - here's hoping the weather will hold until November !

Signing off ,
Lots of love ,
Donna and Ricky
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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