2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Sailing around the Peloponnese

06 September 2016
Wednesday 31st August
We left Missalonghi and headed to Killini, a port that we previously visited with Pam and Andy, as it was a good stop off point at the top of the Peloponnese. We anchored outside the port, making sure to leave the large ferries enough turning space. I must admit, until they actually arrived and 'didn't honk at us' or worse still, 'take us out,' I wasn't convinced!
We didn't go ashore this time, but spent the evening looking at the pilot books and planning our next few stop offs.

The weather is far more challenging in the Southern Ionian, therefore short hops seemed the most sensible option. We left Killini in 12 knots of wind and had a great sail to Katakolon, just 25 nautical miles around the coast.The anchorage, next to the marina, was delightful, with only 3 other boats, so we decided to stay there, rather than go into the marina.

We had been advised by sailing friends Anita and Cliff that Ancient Olympia was worth a visit and that a train ran direct from the port into Olympia. So, the following morning at 8.30 we boarded the train. I was so excited to be on a train, as excited as I was as a child sitting on the train from Winchester to New Milton to go to the beach at Milford on Sea with Mum, Daryl and Becca.( I've been at sea far too long !!) The train ride was hilarious . Greek Health and Safety at it's best! - as it trundled along at street level we realised that the only thing stopping it squashing pedestrians and vehicles at railway crossings was the driver honking a horn and slowing down slightly to have a quick look .There were no barriers or warning lights, only on what could be considered a more major road - crazy !!!

Ancient Olympia was fascinating, set in a wooded valley, with the rivers Alfios and Kladhios running through it. To see the ruins of pillars and statues that once adorned the huge Temple of Zeus, blew me away. Especially the life size figures who were placed high up in the roof. These,like a huge 3D marble jigsaw have been pain stakingly patched back together - the result incredible!

The spot where the Olympic Flame is lit, just in front of the site of the temple Hera (Zeus wife) was sadly less impressive. I guess, like many, I have been seduced by the elaborate flames that are the centre piece of the opening and closing ceremonies of the modern day Olympics. So far removed from the spiritual ceremonial lighting of the original flame that was lit at the alter, at Olympia, all those years ago. R

As we meandered between the ruins, we came across the site of the original running track. As I had my trainers on I decided it just had to be done .. , so I did a few stretches snd sprinted down the track ! Ok, I actually only jogged about 10 metres - but I can say I did it !! And have video footage to prove it.

The whole site was pretty impressive, much more so than the glossy guide books portrayed - well worth a visit if you find yourself holidaying anywhere near folks.

Signing off for now, as we need to get everything stowed ready for heading on down South tomorrow .
Until then Take care ,
Donna and Ricky xx
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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