2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Discovering beautiful clear bays and spotting baby rays.

30 September 2016
Monday 26th September
With 'Able Seawoman Betty' on the helm we had a great sail to Porto Kayio. We headed towards the beach and tried to set our anchor but the ground was too hard so Ricky decided to take the stern anchor from the back of the boat and try that instead. It worked a treat, although I nearly had kittens when I saw Ricky yomping up the deck carrying the 20 kilo bow anchor. He had changed them over, rather than leave them alongside each other. Silly me - we only have one chain long enough. Won't be doing that manoeuvre again in a hurry!

Soon forgot my anxt though when we were snorkelling in the clear water and sitting on deck watching the stars come out and fill the sky - a lovely day.

Tuesday 27th September
North of Porto Kayio, in the Gulf of Lakkonika, is Yithion ( Githion), where we made our next stop. It it had an island, the island of Kranai,attached by a causeway that looked interesting to explore. That, and of course the Ancient romantic connection - it was mentioned by Homer in the Iliad, (don't you know?) It was the place where Paris and Helen spent their first night after eloping together.
Paris talks to Helen of sailing out to sea and
...'on Kranai lay with thee upon a couch of love' ......Ahh❤️
Sadly no 'couches of love' to be found, just a private lighthouse and locked museum - still a nice ramble all the same.

Thursday 29th September
The further around the Peloponese we sail the bluer the water appears to get and our next anchorage in the bay of Sarakiniko on the south side of the island of Elafonisos was turquoise! And ... Wait for it folks...
(although the title of this blog and photo rather gives it away )
At last I have something for ...

Donna's Wildlife Watch:
After anchoring, we did our 'normal thing' of diving in to check the anchor and our 'normal thing'of hunting for non existent fish. This occasion appeared to be the same - sadly 'normal' for the med, just a few flat fish nuzzling along the sea bed. I began diving down to get a closer look and I noticed they were squabbling - one appeared to be chasing the other away from the sand,that our anchor chain had slightly churned up. Then I noticed that the one being chased away had a tail - a definite tail. It wasn't a flat fish at all, but a baby ray about the size of a tea plate! Looking around there were a few others muscling in with the flat fish, a couple smaller and one slightly bigger. We were spell bound watching them,as here they were, not in a Sea Life Centre behind glass, but foraging around our anchor for food. We could have watched them all day. Maybe we have found a ray nursery? I pray they survive as the sea is so barren here - one can only hope.
Until the next blog,
we hope you like the photo,
Donna and Ricky xx
PS - look closely and you can just make out the bossy flat fish to the right of the baby ray. I'm sure he won't be so bold when the ray gets a bit bigger !
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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