2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Last leg to Messalonghi

12 February 2017
Tuesday 25th October 2016
With Ricky's toe suitably strapped up and his belly full of breakfast and a cocktail of anti inflamatories and pain killers, we set off.
As our trip involved sailing under the Rion-Andirrion suspension bridge,we needed to keep an eye on our distance log as 5 miles off we had to make contact to let Rion Traffic know our boat details and arrival time. We needed permission to cross underneath the great expanse of concrete and metal! This we dutifully did, but no one answered our call. Feeling sure that they must have seen us coming,we took our chances and proceeded anyway, making sure not to bump into the car ferry on the other side.

For the engineers amongst you - The bridge is a magnificent structure, joining the mainland to the Peloponnisos. The longest cable-stayed bridge in the world - 2,252 metres, with 4 pillars sepearating 3 shipping channels, each 560m wide with a clearance of 25 - 45m.

For the rest of us - it's a pretty impressive bridge.

As we neared the bridge the wind picked up and churned up the sea, so it wasn't a pleasant experience. The gaps between the pillars looked lower as we got closer and we had no idea which gap we were supposed to be heading for. That said, we weren't arrested for not getting permission and we didn't hit the ferry on the other side .

it was sunny and calm when we arrived in Messalonghi. It was quite reasurring to see that it was as pretty as we had remembered, with the flamingos and other birds standing around in the lagoon, appearing to enjoy the October sun. All looked peaceful and calm.No swimmers to dodge this time as we sailed up the canal towards the marina.
We arrived earlier than planned so spent a few nights on the Town Quay before heading into the marina to find our spot that would be our home until the First of March 2017.

So, after sailing approximately 2,400 Miles from Valencia , across the Mediterranean Sea, via the Balearics, Sardina and then between Sicily and the toe of Italy, island hoping around the Ionian, cruising around the Peloponnesos and back through the Corinth Canal we had finally ended this seasons sailing at the town where Lord Byron died. Shame I didn't enjoy his poetry at school, perhaps during the winter months onboard I shall re acquaint myself and perhaps,just perhaps, I shall appreciate his work as a more mature reader,rather than a 'boy crazy' teenager in the 1970's?
Then again perhaps not, as his dying words are reported as:

'I do not lament for to terminate my wearisome existance
I came to Greece.
My wealth, my abilities, I devoted to her cause.
Well there is my life to her'

- YUK, no wonder my prefered choice of reading material as a teenager was FABULOUS 208 - The official pop magazine of Radio Luxenbourg (the channel we tuned into every Sunday night to hear the charts) remember that? Happy Days.

Any hoo - Next blog - Highlights of our stay in the land shared by Lord Byron,the flamingos and of course the other live aboard sailors.

Toodle pips for now,
Donna x

Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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