2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Time to get a wiggle on and choose a boatyard in Prevasa

18 March 2017
Yay -.Tranquil Bay in Nidri was indeed tranquil and almost empty.
Unfortunately the chandlery we wanted to visit (Arthur's) was shut, however we did manage to buy a few things in another one ( always find things to buy in chandlery, as all yatchtie friends will verify.)
We met Jim (Mucker) and his friend Debbie, who had driven from Messalonghi to see their friends Tommy and Renata. We sat and chatted on Tommys Cat in the sunshine - perfect.

After a couple of days, it was time to move on. Ricky put a speaker in the cockpit , blared out 'Pip and Mum's Faves ' and I danced and sang my way, on the helm, the 2 hour sail up to to Lefkas harbour.

We idled away 5 days swinging gently on our anchor between the quay and the Lefkas marina. The weather was glorious and the shops and tavernas only a short dingy ride away, which goes part way to why we have spent so long here.Oh, and of course not forgetting the free wi fi courtesy of 'Daltons' the cowboy ranch style kebab cafe .

The town itself is far more alive than our other stop off ports. Lots of patrons in the tavernas that line the quay and a bubbly feeling of expectation from the charter boat crews doing their final checks, to the soundtrack of I'm a Barbie Girl, Day Dream Believer, Crocodile Rock and any other Pop tracks you can think of. I love it !!! Not so sure about Ricky ha ha.

Sunday March 19th
10am - the Lefkas bridge opened for us - despite us being the only ones going through, so I gave the operator my best smile and wave as we passed.

This was our last leg to Prevassa, where, tomorrow we wold check out the boatyards.

Choosing a boatyard to leave your precious boat that has been your home and kept you safe in yukky seas is a challenge. There are 3 in Prevasa, all much of a muchness , but for Ricky only one contender ... The one that had donkeys and goats roaming around , keeping the grass down. Ricky loves donkeys, so who was I to refuse?

Donna's Wildlife Watch
On the way up Lefkas canal we spotted Pelicans, close enough to capture on film, unlike the ones at Messalnghi that stayed right on the middle of the lagoon, in the distance, or flew high above us like Pterodactyls from Jurasic Park.(well our neighbour said they were Flying Pelicans, I'm not so sure now !) Either way, they really are impressive next to the herons and other wading birds. No wonder the island of Mykonos have officially declared 'Petros' a large white pelican that was found, wounded, off their coast , as their Official Mascot.
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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