2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Sailing around with 'Able Seawoman Gibson'

27 April 2017
Today we waved goodbye to our newest crew member'Able Seawoman Reanna Gibson.'
She has mastered the sails, outboard engine , dingy, ropes, steering, ships crew entertainment, local courtship, but sadly is not so hot in the galley or on keeping her bunk tidy but hey ho can't have it all !

While she has been on board we have visited a number of ports , marinas and anchorages and had great fun. On our last night, Reanna even managed to persuade me to sit with my feet in a tank of baby piranha, (OK slight exaggeration haha) and eat Mc Donald's for tea ! ( Two firsts since becoming a salty sea dog !)

Picking up from last blog entry, I woke on the morning after my birthday to find that the cat scratch looked angry, so I popped to the pharmacist to get some cream. After a look, prod , then tut , he sent me to the doctors clinic for a tetanus booster jab. I left with a course of anti biotics in my hand and 100 euros less money in my purse. Still can't be too careful, my mother always warned me of 'lock jaw' , which for a chatterer like me would prove disasterous!

From Corfu , we visited Monasary Bay, Prevasa, Lefkas Town, and Nidri, before heading North again. Not madly exciting, but at least Reanna had her new friend Eros to keep her company in the evenings , which was a change from us oldies.

Next we decided to sail in the Gulf of Amvrakia, and visit the marina at Vonitsa, which is a lovely tranquil place with the chance of spotting dolphins. As St Georges Day fell during our visit we were given the opportunity to see how the locals celebrated. Unlike our terribly boring St Georges Day Parade and church service, attended by our Cub, Brownie, Scout and Guide groups , in Greece, the streets , churches and even houses are given over to the horses. Decorated in fine coats and braids, they are ridden through the town, taken to the church to be blessed and even ( if our translation is correct) invited into people's homes to drink Ouzo for good luck.The whole town joins in and seeing the horses tied to lamp posts ,benches, or anything else that won't move, while their owners sit drinking and chatting in the tavernas was quite a spectacle. And to think St George is our Patron Saint !

We landed back on Corfu at Petriti, where we managed to squeeze onto the quay for the night before continuing to Port Mandraki and Corfu Yacht Club. The yacht club is set at the base of Corfu castle, a wonderful spot. You actually have to walk up through the castle to get into town. A short bus ride to the airport , a perfect place to end Reannas holiday .

Donnas Wildlife Watch
On route to the Gulf of Amvrakia, we managed to see a pair of Pelicans, chancing their luck feeding next to a fish farm . We also saw a turtle pop its head up as it swam past the boat.
Once inside the gulf we caught a glimpse of a pod of four dolphins on a mission in the distance. We thought they may come closer, but alas they must have been too hungry to play.
The ones Ricky spotted outside Corfu were a tad closer, but as they swam past a few metres away they decided to dive down and we didn't see them again, which was a shame for Reanna, maybe next time they will come and play in our bow wave?

That's all for today folks,
Much love,
Donna and Ricky xx
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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