2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Hollibobs with The Tods

20 June 2019
Donna Smith
The wonderful thing about having guests on board, is that you get to feel that you are on your hollibobs too.

Monday 10th June
We waited patiently for the arrival of the ferry transporting Gordon and Debs from Refina (Athens.) The wind still wasn't being friendly, so we half expected our two land lubber friends to arrive green, clutching sick bags, but this wasn't the case. Despite the rotten crossing and delays, they disembarked chipper and looking forward to sailing on Patience (mad fools.)

After a very brief safety talk, which consisted of Ricky saying "Contrary to popular belief, the Captain does not stay with the ship, it's Captain and crew first, followed by guests." I, being the sensible one, demonstrated the heads(loos for those of you not acquainted with the unnecessary nautical speak,) and fitted Mr and Mrs Tod with life jackets. Then we all relaxed, had a few beers and some nibbles, whilst planning where (wind permitting) we were heading on G and D 's maiden voyage. As mentioned in our previous post, we decided on Rinia, a short hop away and glorious anchorage. As we turned in, I did tell Gordon and Debs that they could actually remove their life jackets before going to bed if they liked! Only kidding !!They should of course be worn under Pj's! Believe that dear readers and you'll believe anything haha.

We were all up early, the wind stopped for a while, so we headed to Rinia. We stayed for 2 glorious days, because it was a good place to sit out the strong wind. These we spent chatting, swimming, snorkling (Ricky spotted a puffer fish and a ray) and walking along by the beach, trying to catch the perfect photo of a huge cricket, who could actually have been a locust. Gordon had a Go Pro that he rigged up on the wind vane for our trip over. It gave us some fantastic shots of our sail. It was amazing how quickly we forgot it was there, the film footage, which included poor Gordon slipping and bashing his ribs, was so natural. Tempted to shout 'Take 2' at the go pro - sorry Gord. Debs proved herself to be an ace Helmswoman - Way to Go Debs !
On Wednesday we decided to head to the Archaeological site on the little island of Dellos. Here, at this sacred site, not only could we see the Ancient site where Apollo and Atemis were born but an art instillation by Antony Gormley. Weird combination, modern metal sculptures amongst Ancient ruins, so jury out on that one. For entertainment value it worked as we decided to challenge ourselves to replicate the Gormley poses amongst the marble and stone. Check out the photos on the gallery pages of the blog. I think Gord wins for comedic value (he was going for Rodin's 'The Thinker,' but actually looks like he is sat on a porta potty. Ricky sat in his pose un detected by the three of us. Ever observant, we walked straight past, therefore so he should take the price for 'Fitting best within the Environment.'

In the afternoon,tired and hot, as the site was vast, (well worth a visit) we all needed a swim, so we sailed around to the south of Mykonos to find a bay.We settled for Annas, attached Patience to a bouy and jumped in the sea. The taverna on shore was divine, 9 euros a beer divine, needless to say, we headed inland. We came across a hotel called Penelope. I asked "May we come in for a drink, only we have our swim wear on? The staff member smiled and said " But of course, we are in Mykonos, you are most welcome, come in, come in!"

It was a lovely place, so lovely, I left my handbag there, so we'll have to come back- shame.The ancourage, not so lovely. It was so rocky, that we decided to have a night sail back to Rinia, which, under the stars was fab.

The strong winds predicted, dictated our destination the following day, unfortunately back to Mykonos marina. That said, we managed to finish our hollibobs with the lovely Gordon and his beautiful wife Debs in style, window shopping, playing tourists in the Old Town by taking arty, iconic photos and enjoying a final meal in the local taverna. Thanks guys, come back soon x
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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