2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Family Afloat

21 June 2019
Donna Smith
Despite the pesky winds, that seem to love Mykonos as much as the trillion American tourists who arrive daily on cruise ships, we did manage a mini cruise with Daryl and Cindy, visiting the islands of Rinia, Siros and Tinos before returning to Mykonos.

Daryl and Cindy arrived on Friday 15th June and managed to pop on board for a drink and to meet Gordon and Debbie, before officially joining the Patience crew, the following day. We had our first night together in Mykonos Marina, the wind wasn't too bad and luckily the water taxis kept to a decent speed so that the swell was less severe. The afternoon and evening flew by, chatting, eating and drinking and soon we were all tucked up in our bunks, having decided that tomorrow we would sail wherever the wind took us.The best plan ever!

As it turned out the wind was perfect for a sail to Rinia, so Cindy and Daryl took a rope each, I let go of the slime line and we were off. Our new crew helmed for pretty much the entire trip, while we relaxed -happy days. All we needed to do was point out the couple of hazards in the entrance to the bay to the North of Ornos Skhinou - a reef and a pile of concrete blocks just under the surface. Fortunately the reef was clearly visible and someone had tied a red buoy onto the concrete creation. We had two wonderful days on the island. The first completely relaxing, with the occasional dip and the second 'Climbing up a Hill and Coming down a Mountain!' You think I jest dear readers? Daryl, self appointed expedition leader took no prisoners! I was probably aged 11 the last time I did any physical activity with my dear brother egging me on - diving off a wall at Seaton Valley Holiday Camp, jumping off a motorway bridge into a river and sliding down the weir on our bottoms, at Twyford Lock, spring to mind, so why was I surprised? Yep 'Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun' - who were we to disappoint?
The hill just kept growing taller the higher we trekked. As we got to one summit, another appeared. But Cindy and I kept going, only catching up to our long legged other halves, when they stopped to help us negotiate wobbly dry stone walls. Great view at the top though!

The following day, Daryl on the helm again, sailed us West to the small fishing port of Finikas on the Island of Siros. We had an exhilarating sail as there was a constant, generous wind and manageable swell to surf over. The port itself was picturesque, very local, with fishing boats, harbour cats, with appealing eyes and a choice of a couple of tavernas. Daryl and Cindy insisted we eat out, their treat, only hope their insistence wasn't a response to the ships onboard cooking! We had a lovely meal, shared with the afore mentioned harbour cats, although oddly they turned their nose up at the fish, in preference to the meat on Daryl and Rickys plate. Strange?

The next day(Wednesday 19th June) we motored up the West coast of Siros to catch the wind across to our next island destination Tinos. Daryl, still not fed up with helming, gave us a lovely sail, all that was missing were the dolphins. We left at 10am and by 15.45, were tied up at the quay and off for a wander. We found a pretty taverna on the waters edged, straight out of 'Shirley Valentine.' We had a couple of drinks, but decided to introduce Daryl and Cindy to Giros, which we bought as a take away and ate on board. We planned to have a meal out tomorrow night, as tomorrow was Daryl and Cindy's last night. The week was going far too quickly.

The sail back to Mykonos was quite windy, with a lumpy sea, but our new crew had it sussed! Our farewell candle lit meal was delish, yummy, scrummy, (thanks you two.)

Only one last thing to say : Daryl, Cindy, we had a ball, laughed so much, my stomach ached. Thankyou for coming out - it meant the world to us to share a week on Patience with you. Here's to the next time - Cheers Darlings x

Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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