2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Hiding from those pesky winds (The dreaded Meltemi)

23 June 2019
Donna Smith
Saturday 22nd June2019
And then there were two. Guests gone, Patience seems quiet and kinda empty, maybe we should get a 'Ships Cat?' Just a thought, obviously not going to happen, as Ricky hasn't managed to reel in one single fish so far this sailing season. Enough said, besides, with the weather forecast, we had 'bigger fish to fry' - the rapidly approaching, afore mentioned meltemi winds. We certainly needed to get out of Mykonos and find a safe anchorage to sit out those pesky winds, but first we needed to go back to the south of the island and the bar at the Penelope Hotel to retrieve my handbag. We decided to catch the bus, which was actually a nice opportunity to see more of inland Mykonos, before we sailed to a safer spot.

We settled for the island of Paros, another of the Cyclades islands. We found an anchorage on the North side of the island at Monastiri Beach, on the NW end of Naousis Bay. This area has been developed into 'The Paros Environmental and Cultural Park,' which the locals are quite rightly,very proud of. It spans 800 acres, and is run by volunteers. It is a protected area that has wonderful clear sea, walking trails, natural rock formations, caves and hosts environmental and cultural activities all year round. These include festivals, water sports, museum exhibitions and a botanical garden, to name a few.

After we had anchored, Ricky got out the binoculars and whilst scanning the coastline, he spotted an amphitheatre behind the beach bar. I hoped we would be able to dinghy ashore and see the theatre close up before the winds arrived. As luck would have it, not only did we get to see the amphitheatre, but we got to see the New York Ballet perform on the stage. As we were sitting, waiting for the performance to start, a lone ballerina sat on the edge of the stage sewing her shoes.Then, afterwards, she casually stood up and proceeded to warm up, sharing the stage with two theatre volunteer ladies mopping the floor - only in Greece! The programme included both classic and modern pieces. All the performances were breath takingly perfect. It was a magical evening, a unique experience to watch professional ballet, under the stars, with the view of the bay on one side and the stage the other. One I shall not forget.

The winds finally arrived, but just as the pilot books said, we were safe. A few lost their anchors, but not us. No siree, along with our new friends Chris and Carolyn on their Catamaran 'Splice', we stayed put. For nine days as it turned out. About average for 'pesky winds' in the Aegean I'm told.

So finally, on the 1st July we said our goodbyes and left, with our treasure, a propeller,(Ricky found on the seabed,) safely stowed on board.We know not what we shall do with said propeller, but who knows,it may come in useful one day?

Next stop the island of Kithnos.
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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