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Our trip back to Italy (Finally )

29 October 2020
Donna Smith
Tuesday October 17th
After another relaxing week in Plataria we set sail once again for Italy... Yes that would be....

We had our 'stop off ' destinations sorted to do day hops. It would take as long as it took. We were determined and ready to go.
Our first destination the Island of Erikousa.

This island, lying just 6 miles North West of Corfu is one of the Diapontia Islands. These are a group of tiny islets, rocks and small islands that are not very well known or explored that much by tourists thus far. We couldn't have chosen a more humble and friendly place to have as our last stop off in Greece this season. It was a stunning little island, a secret gem! It is only 1.9 sq miles, with less than 300 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census. The first settlers fled there as a place of refuge in 1571 from Parga and the island of Paxos as their towns were occupied during the battle of Nafpaktos in 1571. They must have felt like they had landed in paradise, 449 Years later we certainly did.

We had a little explore along the islands paths past olive trees and gigantic bamboo hedgerows and both agreed we would love to spend more time here. Hopefully next year we will have the opportunity to.

The following morning it was a very early start. At 4.30am we left the island to cross over to Italy. Yesterday was a motor sailing day, so we were pleased to actually turn the engine off and enjoy the peace and tranquility that sailing brings.

On route Ricky caught a tuna on his hand line - which was pretty exciting and very tasty!

We landed in Italy at Santa Maria di Leuca in the early afternoon. We were pleased to finally be in Italy and had fresh fish for tea, life felt good.

Another early start the next day. Our next leg, across the 'Golfo di Taranto' to Crotone. This is where Ricky caught the baby sword fish in the picture. Far too pretty to eat, so we let it go.

Crotone is an Industrial port. We attached ourselves to the high wall on the fuel pontoon, which was not great, but Ok, because we were happy just to crash in our pit. as the next day was the last leg of our trip and once again we wanted an early start.

There was barely a breath of wind for most of the trip back to our marina at Rocella Ionica. So much for the bay of squalls, everyone warned us about. We did manage to sail with the cruising chute, for a short while, but even that gave up the ghost so we put the engine back on and motored again. We arrived after the sun had set but the marina lights, reflected in the stillness of the sea directed us safely onto our pontoon. Finally we were back.

So lovelies that is it for this seasons sail blog .
Thanks for reading and all your fab comments. I hope we have all seen the back of COVID next year and more of you can come and spend time with us on the Good Ship Patience.

2 Clueless Day Skippers signing out for 2020 xx

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