2 clueless day skippers with Patience

Last days in Sardinia.

31 July 2023
Donna Smith
As sailors, there is only one thing worse than being becalmed and that's being highjacked by the wind and having to hide away in port or behind some headland and wait until it dies down. Surfice to say it did hold us hostage for 3 whole days in the bay at Istana (yes we did make it !)

The youngsters around us appear to have taken wind surfing to a whole new level. They have been holding their sail in their hands and with out the aid of a motor, raising the board, they are precariously balancing on, up and out of the water on a thin fin so that they looked like they're hovering above the sea! Oh to be young and crazy again!

So what did we do in this wind hostage situation? Jump on the paddle board and ride the waves, blow up the inflatable kayak and explore hide away - As if ? ... We played games, read stuff, slept , cooked pancakes, watched everyone else's anchor like hawks, binged on Netflix, spoke to family on WhatsApp, drank beer, dunked biscuits, hung around in Pjs till lunchtime and of course watched our Nephew Kit graduate on Stafford university's Facebook live feed!

27th July
When the pesky wind stopped, the bay felt eerily quiet. The temperature had dropped and the water was still, very still. We left the anchorage at 9.30, intending get around the to the top East corner of Sardinia to be ready to cross over to Mahon on Menorca, but we only got 15 miles up the coast as far as Golfo Pevero as the waves that hit us once we were out of the bay were choppy and coming right at us. We had made the mistake of forgetting how long the sea needs to settle after such a blow. Rookie mistake - we both kicked ourselves! Having said that, I found the waves exhilarating, like being on a rollercoaster that sprayed you with water every now and again. Ricky however did not share my enthusiasm his comment was "it's lumpy, horrible and killing our speed." So we pulled in to have another night on Sardinia before heading off to Menorca. The anchorage this time was Golfo Pevero , which was actually rather lovely. It was tucked neatly under a pretty hillside, with individual houses sat in their immaculate plots of garden with smart green grass terraces, among tall trees. Despite being surrounded by Super Yachts, who rather spoilt the ambience of the place. We had a good nights sleep and the following morning set off on the 257 mile sail across to Mahón on Menorca .
Vessel Name: Patience
Vessel Make/Model: Moody376
Hailing Port: Haslar , Gosport , England
Crew: Ricky and Donna
About: 2023 Still clueless , but having fun !
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