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19 April 2012
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20 November 2011 | Tensas River, Alabama

Some dirt-dweller is very unhappy with us.

09 January 2012 | Englewood
Tonight we’re anchored in Englewood. We were here once before, but apparently, all I remember about the place is its name. It’s a small channel, covered with houses on one side, with tons and tons of boats anchored and/or moored all through the channel. We had to travel way back into the channel to even get a clear spot to anchor.
Today we had to go through quite a few bridges; at one, a very lovely man in a car up on the bridge began cursing a blue streak at us, screaming that we were making him late for his job interview. Apparently, there were a lot of not-so-pretty words and a lot of shouting. My mom laughed. I’ll admit, I’d have felt sorry for the guy if he hadn’t been yelling; As it were, since he decided to get his panties in a bunch over it, I’ll look at it a little more like, he should have left a little early for his interview.
Either way, it was another sort of short day. We left at 0830 this morning, and arrived at about 1450; only forty miles. Not so bad. A lot of boat wakes. It was sunny, though, and very warm. I’ve begun reading the first Left Behind book; I love it. And that’s about it, for today.
Annakah on Kama Hele.
Vessel Name: Kama Hele
Vessel Make/Model: Litton Trawler
Hailing Port: Chattanooga, TN
Crew: Kevin, Lori, Annakah, Aspen, and Lilo
About: My name is Annakah, and I'm a 17 year old girl living on a trawler with my parents, little sister, and dog. Join me as I write about our adventures in our new life, living aboard Kama Hele.
Extra: We are currently on the way down the river systems, heading to the Florida Keys! Kama Hele is Hawaiian for "The Traveler." W saw that it fit pretty well for a traveling family like ours.
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Ohana on Kama Hele!

Who: Kevin, Lori, Annakah, Aspen, and Lilo
Port: Chattanooga, TN