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07 January 2014 | St. Augustine, FL
10 July 2013 | North Palm Beach
31 May 2013 | Nassau Harbor Club Hotel and Marina
18 May 2013
10 May 2013
08 May 2013
06 May 2013
26 April 2013
22 April 2013
21 April 2013
16 April 2013 | Nassau Harbor Club Hotel and Marina
12 April 2013 | Brown's Marina
05 April 2013 | Alicetown
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01 April 2013 | Key Biscayne
24 March 2013 | South Beach, FL
13 March 2013 | Riveria Beach, FL
04 March 2013 | Riveria Beach, FL

Boatyard Blues

04 March 2013 | Riveria Beach, FL
Phyllis Pardee
We hauled the boat at Cracker Boy Boat Works for a survey to be done to satisfy insurance company requirements. We have been here a week today!
Bottom has been painted, new water line painted and the hull and upsides have been waxed. Although the surveyor could find nothing wrong with our rigging he recommended replacing it because of its age. We had a rigger come to inspect it and again--nothing visually wrong but because of age replacement was recommended. We have received quotes from several riggers this week and decided on having Florida Rigging and Hydraulics do the work for us. We have rented a car and will make a quick trip back to NC to take care of a couple things and get a last visit in with the family and friends. I have loaded the trunk of rental car with my sewing/embroidery supplies after having decided it just takes up too much valuable space onboard. I will bring my older sewing machine back with me and possibly my serger for those days I just HAVE to sew something. I am excited to see family again before leaving for the Bahamas. Rigger says he will be done before we get back so we plan to have the boat put back in the water and wait for weather to cross to the Bahamas when we return.
Vessel Name: Oh,My!
Vessel Make/Model: DeFever 44 Sundeck
Hailing Port: New Bern, NC
Crew: Bill and Phyllis Pardee
About: Retired and ready to go! We moved aboard in November 2012 after selling house and quitting work. We have sailed for many years and dreamed of just leaving with no schedules involved. That dream has come true and we are Caribbean bound.
Extra: We decided in Georgetown, Exumas to come back to the USA and buy a bigger boat.....we have the Cabo Rico up for sale with Curtis Stokes and have purchased a 1985 DeFever Sundeck Cruiser.
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Trying to get us organized and clear out camera memory.
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Lesley teaches Phyllis to overcome her fears and just do it!!
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so fun!!!
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Iguana's on the beach
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Haulout at Cracker Boy Boat Works near Lake Worth Inlet
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Visiting friends
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fun times waiting for weather to clear
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Wonderful St. Augustine!!
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We had a fun time...some pictures are passing Charleston and kinda fuzzy.
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What a fun time. We enjoyed the Waccamaw River --deep and wide!
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Pictures from Snow's Cut, across Cape Fear and into Southport.
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Elizabeth Harris has done an excellent job of protecting us from the elements! WE are so pleased!
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photo along the waterfront as we motored by.
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pics of the crew this morning hauling Ziga up the mast
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Cruising Adventures Aboard Oh,My!

Who: Bill and Phyllis Pardee
Port: New Bern, NC