S/V Adventure

Follow the O'Neil family, sailing in their Catalina 42, on their 2-year sabbatical to see the Pacific coast of the US, Mexico, and Central America, Galapagos, the South Pacific, and New Zealand.

08 June 2012 | Home
05 June 2012 | 100 miles to the Farallons!
02 June 2012 | 475 miles off the coast
31 May 2012 | 579 miles to go
30 May 2012 | 694 miles to go
30 May 2012 | 800 miles to go
29 May 2012 | 915 miles off California
28 May 2012 | Past halfway between Hawaii and SF
27 May 2012 | Past halfway between Hawaii and SF
26 May 2012 | Halfway between Hawaii and SF
24 May 2012 | Middle of the Pacific Ocean
23 May 2012 | Middle of the Pacific Ocean
22 May 2012 | Middle of the Pacific Ocean
21 May 2012 | Middle of the Pacific Ocean
20 May 2012 | Pacific Gyre
16 May 2012 | Pacific Gyre
16 May 2012 | Pacific
18 September 2011 | Home
07 September 2011 | Crossing the southern tip of the big island
05 September 2011 | Pacific

Another episode of Adventure Trek (The Next Generation)

25 January 2008
Star Date: We're near the Puerto Madero sector and life aboard is calm and serene. I've taken it upon myself to finally take some time to relax with a good book.

Deanna Tara: [Wearing non-issue pajamas]: Hey Dad! There's a boat off our port bow. Panga Class. It's real close.

Sean-Luc Picard: On screen!

Deanna Tara: [Pointing to the panga]: They're over there.

Sean-Luc Picard: [Perplexed gaze]: Yellow Alert. [Sean starts to turn yellow] Open a hailing frequency.

Deanna Tara: [Waves hand in direction of panga in sarcastic motion]

Sean-Luc Picard: This is the sailing vessel Adventure. We are on a mission of discovery. What is the nature of your distress?

Panga: Agua!

Sean-Luc Picard: Lt. Whiner. Run this word through our universal translator. Let's find out all we can about this word, "Agua."

Lt. Whinner: Dad! I think they want water.

Deanna Tara: Dad! They're turning around.

Sean-Luc Picard: Scan their vessel for life forms and weapons capability. How come we didn't see them on our scanners?

Lt. Whinner: I just see two guys. They have a big outboard on the back. I guess they're too small to be seen on the radar.

Sean Luc-Picard: Deanna Tara, what are you feeling from these Panginize?

Deanna Tara: They look harmless to me. I don't see what the big deal is, just give them some water dad.

Sean-Luc Picard: So they have warp technology and the ability to run cloaked, but some how seem unable to replicate water - perplexing.

Deanna Tara, you know their customs. How do we find how much of this "Agua" do they need?

Deanna Tara: I believe the correct word is "Cuanto!" That's "how much?" in their language.

Sean Luc-Picard: Cuanto! Cuanto!

Panga: [In perfect English] We would like 2 liters please.

Sean Luc-Picard: Lt. Whinner, have Number one beam two gallons of water to their vessel.

Lt. Whinner: [screaming down below]: Hey Mom! There's a panga out here that wants some water. Dad says you need to get some.

Number One: [screaming from down below]: I'm in the shower. I can't hear you.

Lt. Whinner: Dad! Mom's in the shower.

Sean Luc-Picard: [Frustrated, runs to engineering and grabs empty water container.] Delay them while I replicate some water. [Turning to facet] Water:82 degrees; 2 gallons.

Deanna Tara to panga driver: So, my dad's getting some water.

Panga: So where are you guys from? Deanna Tara: You speak English?

Panaga: Yes. I spent 12 years in your country.

Sean Luc-Picard: [Runs back up with the water.] Let's lower the shields and beam the water to them. [Sean lifts water over the life lines and hands it to the panga driver.]

Panga: Thanks man!

Sean Luc-Picard: We are happy to assist in any way we can.

Panga: [Drives away at warp speed and quickly cloaks.]

Sean Luc-Picard: Cancel Yellow Alert. Continue course and heading Mr. Data. [Autopilot continues on course.
Vessel Name: Adventure
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42
Hailing Port: Marina Bay, Richmond CA
Crew: The O'Neil Family
About: Sean (Captain and Line Man) Kathy (Helmswoman and Cook) Tara - 12 years old at trip start, Casey - 11 years old at trip start (Crew and Students)
Extra: We're on a three-year sabbatical from the daily grind to see the Pacific coast of the US, Mexico, Central America and the South Pacific and stopping at New Zealand.

S/V Adventure

Who: The O'Neil Family
Port: Marina Bay, Richmond CA