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Our next old boat

17 January 2018
I think we have found our next old boat. She is a Baba 30....very much in need. We have been searching for a bit, we know boats and we know what we like. We finalized the deal today while driving around Florida looking at some boats. We had her hauled today back home in NC, will continue our camping trip till the end of January and then get home and come up with a plan to get her back to the house and begin her refit. We like a project and she is a big one. I am excited to document her progress.

Boat shopping

14 December 2017 | Oriental, NC
It has been a month and we have been searching the Internet for our next boat. We originally thought our next boat was going to be a lobster style boat (Duffy, BHM) something like that.....found some pretty cool ones but none had the complete package. One had the engine we wanted but not the layout, another one had the layout but not the engine.....that kind of stuff. Then we moved onto trawlers, there are some beautiful ones out there way out of our price range, just couldn't find anything that was rocking our world within our budget. Frankly, we aren't huge sailors when we are underway, lots of motoring, but it certainly is a nice option if you have engine problems. We just don't think we are ready to be totally dependent on an engine.

We did consider a Baba 30, thought of going back to our roots with a smaller, simpler boat. We negotiated a price, but when we hauled her out she had some major issues, delamination on the rudder, a lot of corrosion, teak decks were spent, fuel tank needed replacing, all totally doable but we couldn't come together on a new price. That's ok, we may revisit her in the spring. We are headed to Florida in a few weeks with a couple of boats in mind. We think we may have found a compromise on the sailing or trawler or speed thing......maybe. We will keep you posted.

Bella has a new owner/home

14 November 2017
Such a bittersweet day. Today is the day we sold our beloved BELLA. In this moment it is surreal, but as the days go by it will sink in. She has a wonderful new owner who we know will care for her and love her as much as we did. She was our third boat and owning her was truly one of greatest accomplishments. She was our dream boat our "brass ring". We are looking forward to the next chapter of our life. Life changes and we are ready to change with it.


Has there ever been a truer quote? Fair winds Bella, you were loved and will be missed.

Time to get reacquainted!!!

07 May 2017 | Cape Cod
Ellen, rainy 50s
This is our new/old sailboat. She is a 1995 15' west wight potter. Randy found her locally on Craigslist. I started out pretty resistant because all I saw was more registrations, titles, paperwork, stuff, (ugh). That expression that you don't own your stuff, your stuff owns you resonates with me constantly. But..........for years I have struggled with trying to find some sort of balance when we are here working on the cape. My take of our life is that we are blessed to have six months of downtime (always fun, but not always as productive as I envision) and six months of bust your a$$ time. I would like to smooth the edges and tweak it a bit so we have 12 months of bliss!!

Although we have a ways to go before sailing season here, we are hoping to be disciplined enough to take days off and enjoy this beautiful place we are lucky to live six months a year. We have deep water, beautiful beaches (she draws six inches with the keel up) and three harbors to launch within ten miles of us. As I said in the previous post, we are struggling to figure out where boating sits with us right now and this seems like a great place to see if we can rekindle some of those dreams!!

Cape Cod......again

08 April 2017 | Cape Cod
Ellen, sunny but cold
We are back on the cape to work for the summer. A little earlier than usual, but there is work to be done and money to generate so here we are. We had a nice winter that seemed to go by very quickly. When we returned home to NC we started to get BELLA ready to head to the Keys for the winter. We were both kind of non committal about the whole thing after just arriving back home after six month of Cape Cod. We decided to head out and if we weren't embracing it, we would turn around.

BELLA had sat in her slip for 4 years, although Randy is there daily tinkering, things still go wrong. It was nothing major, some charging issues, shallow water, bridges, and power boats monopolizing the channels, concern for Sophie. Enough to make us turn around at Myrtle Beach and head back to the slip. We just weren't feeling it for some reason. No reason to over analyze it..........just wasn't happening.....for either of us.

We decided to go camping instead. Obviously much easier, less planning, zero concern regarding weather, the ability to get home in 12 hours instead of 3 weeks if we want. We had a lot of fun, got a lot of excersize, had amazing weather, spent Christmas in the keys with some family. We did realize when we arrived home that towing a camper wasn't really our we sold the Casita and bought a van. We hope to "pop the top" and rig it to camp in. We always enjoyed camping when we had the other vans. It's a future plan as I don't think we would camp in a van with the cat....

We don't know where BELLA fits in, we love her, she has been with us since 2004. We are struggling with "what's next". I still read all the sailing this moment I get a little sad. Maybe it's being 50 now, time is flying by. There is a part of me that thinks "come on Ellen, you've got to get to stepping". Whatever it is, we are here now, in this moment.

Looking towards the future......literally!!

19 August 2016
We are still on Cape Cod working. Things have slowed down a bit for us......we are not complaining. Another couple of weeks the crowds will thin, the air will change and we will slowly start thinking about wrapping things up. We still have till mid October, but the dog days of summer will start to fade and it will be smooth sailing till then.

We are once again hoping to hop on the boat and head South. Our plan is to winter in the Keys. We are hesitant to go any further with Sophie......although her condition seems stable. We are still giving her fluids twice a week and she seems to be doing great. So we will get while the gettin is one knows what tomorrow will bring.

I am getting excited, it has been four years since BELLA has moved from her slip, short of hauling at the yard. We have made some improvements and are anxious to just unplug for a bit, enjoy her and each other. Fingers crossed everything will stay status quo. Today is a beautiful day here, we were up super early, went for a walk before the crowds fill in. We are already starting to relax and enjoy this beautiful place we are fortunate enough to live and work in for six months a year......blessed.

Vessel Name: Bella
Vessel Make/Model: Fisher Motorsailer
Hailing Port: Provincetown, MA
Crew: Randy and Ellen Trullo
About: Bella is our third boat. We bought our first sailboat in 10/97, having no experience, just a thirst for the unconventional. Sophie joined us while in the Keys 1/2010. She is a wonderful addition to the crew. Landlubber....cruiser....homebody.....nomad.....who knows?
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Who: Randy and Ellen Trullo
Port: Provincetown, MA