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10 April 2019 | Oriental, NC
Randy and Ellen Trullo | Beautiful
Although we are three days from heading up to Cape Cod to work for the summer, we thought we would give Narwhal a heavy cleaning and set her up for inspiration to get through another season. As any boat owner knows, there is always doubt when you tear her down that she will someday be comfortable and cozy again. The amount of work that we did (mostly Randy) is amazing. There is not one inch of that boat that hasn't been repaired, painted, rebuilt, get the picture. She is such a pretty little thing. We are looking forward to the fall so we can launch her and break her in a bit then decide from there. But we are able to leave knowing that she will get a second life with us as she so deserves. Very happy today!

And we are off

11 January 2019
The boat is coming along, but still another season of work before we can launch her. We have decided to go camping again. We will be going to the panhandle of Florida.......we have never been. Then hoping to secure a campsite at Fort Desoto. We will be back in Saint Augustine at some point.....we haven't camped there in years! This camper is bigger than the Casita and Sophie is doing great health wise, so fingers crossed! Another new adventure!!! Yay!

She has a name!

07 January 2019
We have decided on a name for our boat. She is coming along....slowly. So many improvements, she will be brand new when we are done with her. A small list of things we have done recently:

Built new sunbrella cockpit enclosure and Bimini
New sunbrella cockpit cushions
Interior varnish
All new electrical and plumbing
New life lines
New standing and running rigging
Replaced port glass
New toilet and shower
Cockpit shower

I'm sure there is a lot more, but that's the short list.

22 October 2018

No more teak decks!

22 October 2018 | NC
We have been back in NC for two weeks. For the most part the past two weeks have been spent on the boat fiberglassing, filling, faring, filling, faring, filling, get the picture. We stripped the teak and filled all the holes last spring before we headed up to Cape Cod to work for the summer. When we got back, it was perfect weather to tackle laying up two layers of glass and get to faring. Today we finally were able to get a coat of primer on the deck. I think it looks great. Another coat of primer, three coats of perfection and kiwi grip and we will put her back together. And get ready to tackle some interior projects. The next project will probably cutting out the knees that held the chainplates down as we are converting to outside chainplates.....but I will defer to the captain as to what direction we are going in after this.

This was a big project, which we anticipated, but long overdue. We are excited for the finished product. Not much more to report, it's pretty much just been boat work. It's all good, this is what we look forward to during the summer. not cool

10 September 2018 | Cape Cod
We are still on Cape Cod with another 3.5 weeks to go. Hurricane Florence appears as though it's going make landfall in our front yard. The anxiety level in this house is through the roof right now. We have decided Randy would not be flying home to do any more prep. That just seems foolish to intentionally put him in the path of a major hurricane. We always leave the house/property/boat as prepped as possible.....but there is always something that we miss, or forget if we did or not.

At this point we are figuring that if we get water in the house, we will try to get there as soon as the area is passable to mitigate any more damage and start to dry things out. Once we have things under control at home, Randy would fly up and finish putting properties to bed for the season. We swore we would never sit through another hurricane after Irene, but being up here and feeling helpless is even worse. I wish we could just go home right now.....sigh. I wish us all luck in the coming days.......fingers crossed.
Vessel Name: Bella/Narwhal
Vessel Make/Model: Baba 30
Hailing Port: Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Crew: Randy and Ellen Trullo
This our fourth boat having recently sold the other love of our life s/v was time for a new project and a new adventure. We bought our first sailboat in 10/97, having no experience, just a thirst for the unconventional. Sophie joined us while in the Keys 1/2010. [...]
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Who: Randy and Ellen Trullo
Port: Cape Cod, Massachusetts