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Hans Christian 38 MK II

28 July 2015 | Underway
28 July 2015 | Underway
25 July 2015 | Underway
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Day 44 part 2

28 July 2015 | Underway
I never thought I would miss the tasty crunch of a Granny Smith apple, or even a stem of Broccoli as much as I do right now. But with less than five hours to go after nearly 1200, and being so ready for land and a beer yesterday, I'm finding my self wanting to swing 180 and put back to sea. Granted that beer and burger did taste truly magnificent, and the whisky even better (made all the tastier by being slightly cheeky). A passage like this has been such a long time coming for me, and although I'm now sure that it will be the first of many, with the sails all in the wind and the last port only two shakes away, I wish we had just one more day. One more time cooking dinner uphill. One more night of glittering phosphorescence. One more day of 20 foot waves and 35 knot winds. One more day with no waves and no knot winds. One more day with nothing but blue on every horizon.

It's been a steep learning curve for me, going from a casual coasty to a blue water sailor. You subconsciously become immersed in every aspect of seaman ship. From learning how to tie an impressive repertoire of nautical knots, to figuring out the finicky tricks of maintaining and fixing an engine, to mending high pressure gas hoses, to understanding the best points of sail for a Hans Christian, to using the curvature of the earth to navigate from A to B in the most efficient way possible (which as it turns out is not in a straight line). I'll take all the knowledge I have picked up from Vicky, Inspiration, and her many books with with me to the bitter end.

I can't wait for the next time I'm aboard a good ship, even if it means eating several hundred packets of Ramen noodles, and sleeping (or lack there of) inside a washing machine. It's adventure that constantly beckons more adventure, the more you sail the more you want to sail. Everything, even going to the toilet becomes a challenge, and every time you win you fortify the need for another hurdle. I'm buzzing to get home and see everyone again, but sailing is now carved into my flesh (literally, apparently they're called boat bites) and salt coursing through my vain's, I would sail around in circles if I had to, preferably ones of latitude, but smaller ones if need be.

Day 44 yup

28 July 2015 | Underway
well really on last leg

its been interesting.. we pulled into Port Angleles at 12:30 at night.. the border partrol was the only person we saw.. he was very nice.. and gee we gave him something to do.. a slow job at 7 am we were up ready to check out.. tho cutoms did not open till 8 am.. called then on their line.. the gal was really nice. .. she said she was not sure how to check us in and had to send the officers down to see us. one chap was really nice. the other all business.. our American crew was check in and off he went with out so much of a so long.. to us. we felt a black cloud had left Inspiration at Sea .. then my turn.. they check me out and Inspirations papers,, and where was my cruising permits etc. hmmm i again said its been 9 years 11 months since i have cruised here and da.. this is my first port of call he asked is i had copies. of my old permits.. so he wanted to know if i had copies of the old permits.. da.. so he asked that i fill out a form and i could either mail it in or they could fax it in. i just wanted to get going so i said i would mail it in.. no he said he wanted to fax it in right now.. and needed my visa card. for the permit. that was 28 $ and $12 to mail it to me.. a decal.. boy postage from customs is expensive.. i guess they had to pay some one to lick the stamp

now Sean being from New Zealand they asked for his permit/visa to be in the USA no we were her to get one as we check in.. no he had to have one prior.. this went back and forth for almost an hour. saying he need to catch a ferry to Anacotes to get his papers.. or go to Victoria and check in with customs there well little problem Inspiration cannot go into Cdn waters till she had her permit. and paid duties.. which i will do when i get home.. as lots of stuff needed to be done... this got really to be difficult. and we are just in transit to Canada just needed to let crew off and get fuel and we will be in Canada in less than 24 hours.. no no.. he said there is no in Transit rules.. in the USA we must check in with proper visas etc.. well how about we go to WhiteRock he goes to the Border there.. .. yup the nice guy said he thinks that would be so much better for me as Point Roberts is just around the corner and all of this would be enroute.. the other guy had to mull it over.. and be very firm with us he needs this permit visa even because he has touched American soil.. so... we got out of there after getting some fuell at 10 am and found we would be crossing at night and having to anchor off of White rock.. over night.. no way.. so gee we had to pull into an emergency.. hmmmmm to Roche Harbor.. .. the emergency is we wanted a good meal and some good drinks to go with.. they were wonderful for us.. at fist wanted us to back into a very tiny slip .. down a channel .. sorry i said i had very little manuvorbility.. backing up.. with a windvane.. etc.. i explained we had be 42 days at sea.. if we cuold somehow have a side tie.. and just staying the night.. no worries.. they gave us a awesome slit.. i had to turn a donut in the channel but i can do that .. just no backing up.. . .. the young chap he took our lines was quite impressed. as how she moves. we all had big hugs.. Sean went off to the store to get us some appies.. a bag of Kettle salt and vinigar chips and a cookies and cream chocolate bar... and some local brew beer.. i opened my wine and let the party begin.. then we went off to the restaurant.. for sunset dinner.. the gal at the desk was just all business .. we wanted a seat over looking the bay.. no sorry but you can see it from this other one.. it was not at all good. we sat ordered our drinks.. i spotted a gal that seemed to be in charge.. Kate.. she was a sweet heart we explained that this was our first dinner.. on land for 42 days and gee we would like to take in the special moment.. evening.. well she set us up with a great view.. . and well 4 hours later we closed the bar/restaurant with our waitress and Kate our host. .. met some great people.. Sean was injoying some amazing Scotchs.. i took a sip and it smelt and tasted like camp fire.. that wonderful smell when you been sitting around a fire.. i had ordered Baby Back Ribs.. a half portion and gee i have half of that for lunch her on our crossing to Point Roberts.. Sean ordered a massive hamburger.. the food was soooooooooo goood... this am.. we got up a little well too much fun.. last night and went out for breakfast.. we both had eggs.. Benidict and florin tine.. soooo good.. we went shopping in the grocery store.. touching everthing.. and fruits veegies.. and bot 8 different beers photos to follow .. they have the coolest lables..

so lwe are weaving amongst the San Juan islands with the tide out.. and coming in.. so we have to find a big channel to get us out into the straight. so we can cross over .. yesterday in the tides we were doing 8.5 knots..

I called Rudy last night and he called cutoms at Point Roberts they said best if if drop Sean off at White Rock peir. then drive him to Point Roberts to check in with US customs there come in by land .. to check in. then i go to Point Roberts.. and meet him there at the marina.. then we check into Canada by land. So yes that is the plan now day. 44.. our journey we have calculated.. was 5062 km no counting a few zig zags.. its been an adventure passage of a life time.. and Sean my crew loves the open sea as much a I do.. we hope to see some orcas .. we saw other whales as we apporached Juan de Fuca they hung around for awhile . not sure what they were.. and the seals sleeping on the water as they just drifted by.. well by this even my beauty.. Inspiration at Sea.. will be snug in her berth.. it was weird tied up last night .. no a ripple we were sostilllllll it took some getting used to.. and getting to sleep with out moving.. we have been motoring now day 3 as not a breath. the wind turbine was not even moving.. yesterday at ll.. the whirlpools are really kool... will post lots and lots of pictures.. of our passage.. our highlights... .. soon.. as i get the hugging of family and friends.. .... and there will be lots... hugs and love to you alll toooo.. Vicky

last 100 miles to coast

25 July 2015 | Underway
are always the hardest 60 miles off of Van Island as we pass no sight of land yet.. had 3 ships all at once this am.. called one. he was misserable.. just to see if we showed up on radar.. oh well they were all headed for Japan..

had a fish on its my turn to land one. well it faught me for awhile on the rod.. i lots it tho and it made a mess of my home made lure.. tho i still have it.. fixed it up and fishing again we have been motoring since last night off and on. only got 3 hours of sailing in. no wind notta this am.. but some current is helping us make 5 knots or more and seas are 10' at 12 seconds. so we run down them a bit of a lift. toward 98 miles to the mouth of the straight..

so sometime Sunday afternoon we should get to the port just to check in and out. we think will see.

as like to keep on trucking.. at this point.


48 33.7N 127 12.5W sog 5.4 cog 089 wind notta.. sun tho is shinning with some clouds feels great!!!

vicky and sean..

day 40 opps

24 July 2015 | Underway
yes all 40 days and still 2 to go been motoring since 6 am the winds died and the seas made it messy under 6 knots of wind we are expecting the report says 20 kts Sw so will sea

so we have got fridges nice and cold for all the fish we are going to catch will make another lure today .. have Sean teach me how and hope i am lucky too

sun comes and go even got a glimps of the moon. last night found some treats in the fridge after i cleaned it out.. snikers... bars... and a huge salami..

so we will not stave.. and have a few more night treats..

so position is 209 miles from mouth of juan de Fuca 48 56.8N 129 56.5W cog 013 sog 5.5 under motor must be a current

so till the mouth.. report tomorrow we hope.. and gee maybe we get to see land.. in another 100 miles

take care

vicky and sean

Day 38 4289 miles

22 July 2015 | Underway
yes we re calculated our miles and found out we missed out 4000 mark party oh well we will have to celebrate double at out landfall..

and that does not count all the little wigglies in between.. and boy did we do that last 24 hours.. last 18 we tacked 4 times.. as the winds went from NNW to NW to W that was ugly.. then WSW then SW then S we at times were headed due north... then due south the seas were trying to catch up to the winds.. that was too all over the place we we were getting flogged just like my poor Geni... do this am sun came out for a show.. then gone then drizzle dark the sun now seas are a bit narley.. yet we have the winds to 24 to throw us over and down then at 7.5 8 plus even seen 9 today yet we are happier as we are back to NW winds cold tho. but this is a better tack for us. for the mouth of Juan de Fuca some 442 miles away.. as the crow flies.. and we hope to be on the track..

as we Sean and I pooped we had to drive it alot as poor Barry never new what way the winds were coming at him .. one minute he was facing port the next starboad.. so yea

we hope it settles over the next 24.. at least back to around 18 and then the seas sort them selves out as with only 442 let to go till we in the straight.. then about 50 to P Anglese


vicky and sean..

position 48 27.88N 135 45.5W sog 6.2 cog 097 winds 18-22 made 136 last 24 with the zig and zags..

day 37

21 July 2015 | Underway
well 132 to the good.. now we are sailing towards Queen Charlottes with new winds. WSW a she doens not sail down wind very well and was tooooo ruff.. so hope the SW kick in sooner than later and we can make out heading back toward Juan se Fuca straight. with out much tacking etc..

so just over 500 miles till land fall and seems customs at Port Angelous works on weekends so good we can check in and keep on trucking.. to Point Roberts..

not much to report bit brighter today saw the sun. and Sean and his fin whales at sun up..

postion 48 26.3N 138 52.4 W sog 5.2 cog 035

Vessel Name: Inspiration at Sea
Vessel Make/Model: Hans Christian 38 MKII
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC
Crew: Vicky & Chika
About: sailing at age 8, Manitoba lakes BC sailing the BC coast last 30 plus years delived boats for 2 years Pacific & Atlantic Charted my 51 Tatoosh for 2 years east coast now voyaging past 9 years on the Pacific Dishes yellow lab now 10 is in BC Chika .. Siamese now 7 is first mate
Extra: Marshalls currently.. sorting out crew.. for next legs.. Guam Palau and Japan on the charts in furture circle back to Mexico