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Agatha tropical storm May 2010

05 April 2011 | Bahia del Sol El Salvador
Inspiration At Sea
May 2010 Tropical Storm Agatha
Bahia de Sol

At anchor now, it was an emergency evacuation as docks were breaking up! I and Mita Kulu were one of the last to get away. Now moving to a buoy today, all is well tired sick. Lots of a mess to clean up as had to tear off all the coverings and hoist dinghy with motor on deck. Wet and a mess the boat me too, I have been fighting the flu and a fever when all this happened, so took a lot out of me, amazing what we can do when challenged .
Pics .. ( docks, pilings.. note, they are snapped pulling apart, dinghy was hanging on my side, before storm, later on deck with all the mess. Note extra line from other docks to my boat. Pangas next day carry concrete to build more breakwaters on the island, logs/trees on bows of boats at anchor )
They have a good part repaired already and said boats can return this weekend. Me, staying put on the big old concrete mooring with heavy duty chain all new. Santos is great, he came over with his panga in the storm, as I could not get off the dock. Feel secure and amazing getting better. Chika my crew cat said to get more cough medicine as keeping her awake at nights . Sun shine all is well. Another adventure to my voyaging log. Looking back I know someone is looking after me and Inspiration at Sea.
The rain buckets, the winds gust to 40 yet it’s the tides in the estuary that is the main danger. Flowing over 4 ½ knots with trees and debris that gets caught on your boats, anchor lines and the docks. You have to be diligent . Getting away from the dock with a current running over 4 knots, I was ready to cut my lines if anything broke. Waited till it slowed and had Santos and his panga waiting for me to escort should anything happen. And it did! I had not cleaned my prop for a month, could not make way, I was being pushed towards the dock with the tide, so pulling away with the tide now slowing, making ½ kn, I was able to get out to where they could pick me up alongside and take me safe to anchor for the rest of the night. When I look back with the tide running pushing me towards the docks, I would not have made it off the dock if they had broke away. Mita Kuuluu had the same fate, and was towed all safe. I must say a big ThankYou to the dock crew at the Marina too, as they helped me with my Dinghy getting it aboard, full of rain and motor on, then putting extra lines to docks across from me that were more stable. They were awesome and knew what to do. They got the big power boats off early on to release the pressure on the pilings, then getting the other cruisers off on the other side, was easy as they had the current with them, so they could float off. A lot of unnecessary screaming and yelling wash heard. Well boats on my side had to just be patient and hope it held till we were able to depart.
Lessons learned Thank you my angels.
Amazing 24 hours later.. the calm, the stars and the docks already with a crew rebuilding them.
All the stress, challenges are behind us now, the sunset is calming. So tomorrow a new day. I wonder why I live this life, it’s sometimes so hard. Challenging every inch of you, you mind you body. And today I know why.
The people that came together and mother earth she sent again another message. Mother Nature Always Bats Last.
So yes I know why I am here, tonight sitting at anchor under the stars, the tide outgoing, lightning off in the distance, the silence. I know why I am here. El Salvador is a place I was meant to be, new adventures and experiences, personal growth .
“I can see clearly now, the rain has gone…”

Vessel Name: Inspiration at Sea
Vessel Make/Model: Hans Christian 38 MKII
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC
Crew: Vicky & Chika
About: sailing at age 8, Manitoba lakes BC sailing the BC coast last 30 plus years delived boats for 2 years Pacific & Atlantic Charted my 51 Tatoosh for 2 years east coast now voyaging past 9 years on the Pacific Dishes yellow lab now 10 is in BC Chika .. Siamese now 7 is first mate
Extra: Marshalls currently.. sorting out crew.. for next legs.. Guam Palau and Japan on the charts in furture circle back to Mexico
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