Onyva Mondiale

Kite up all the way back to Valencia

What a shake down week for the ARC+ crew. We also decided on our 5th member. Some great people out there on Crewseekers, so hard to make a decision as our small list were all brilliant.

Illes Columbretes (2)

Happy crew and great wild life. Dived to check anchorage and all looks very new and well maintained.

Illes Columbretes

What a fasanating place, in the middle of the Med and rising out of the sea is a small extinc volcano. Blown out with an anchorage (buoyed - no anchoring). Very silent and magical, long sail but well worth the trip.

Quiet night except the boy...

More from Soller

2 nights many beers and Robert Graves house

Port de Soller

What a fantastic place this is. Quite busy even early season and some large mega yachts. Very friendly and quiet anchorage. 2 nights and would definitely stay again.