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12 November 2014 | Mooloolaba, Queensland
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Delays and progress

16 March 2012 | St Augustine FL

10 knots from the east, no cloud and a beautiful 26 Celsius. We took Ooroo for a trial sail in the wide open seas.

Skip came along and notices instantly the starboard engine wasn't pumping water. We shut that down to fix the pump another day. The good thing with Cats is that we have two engines.

Yesterday our very expensive inverter also shat itself. The second brand new piece of equipment to not work. That means a wait til Monday or Tuesday to have the new one arrive.

Anyway....we sailed, dolphins escorted us down the river, we passed through the lift bridge and navigated out of the mouth. That alone is an hour and a half trip.

The sails went up, we calibrated our auto pilot we relaxed with a the 10 knots pushing us along at 6 knots. We tested Ooroo at all angles to the wind. To our surprise, fully loaded she sailed extremely well at up to 40 degrees into the wind. I was always told the Fontaines are fast boats except when loaded.

We have a years supply of various food items, 70 steaks, 100 chicken thighs, snags, mince and bacon (just in case Mark isn't the fisherman we actually expect he is). We have full tanks of water and diesel plus 150 litters extra of each, and of course beer and wine.....and she still sailed beautifully.

Jules relaxes on deck and I played with the new toy under the watchful guidance of Skip while Oli and Mark kept jumping overboard.....and then catching a stern line to pull themselves back in. Imagine doing that in pacific 1000nm from land. It will happen.

Oli and Mark swam ashore in St Augustine as we passed the old Spanish Fort to pick up there bikes left rather drunkenly the night before. Skip and I sailed all the way back down the river and onto the dock. I wasn't ever shown how to sail onto a dock..the wind just blow us right on while Skip tied off. Who needs an engine.

So delays and progress all in the same day. Fun and sun - what a sail. Thanks Skip and crew.
Vessel Name: OOROO
Vessel Make/Model: Fontaine Pajot - Venezia 42
Hailing Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Crew: Richard McLeod
About: Jules and Sarah Hunt.....mother and daughter. I have the job of makin sailors out of them while trying to do the same with myself.
Extra: My crew will be an ever changing structure. I'm the constant because I have time. Other than that I expect to have family, friends and hitchhikers to sail with me back home to Oz. will be a management and HR challenge.
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Ooroo - see you latter

Who: Richard McLeod
Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia