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Funky Nassau

31 March 2012 | Umm Nassau
Oli has been wondering around Ooroo singing "Funky Nassau". Until a few weeks ago he didn't even know where Nassau was.....nor did I.

So that's the big smoke around here. The capital that covers New Providence Island. The sometimes home of 007. Also home of crime and casinos.. We have been advised to be vigilant when it comes to locking up the boat and dingy and so will find a marina to be safe. We will be picking up Sara and her mate, Julie at 11ish tomorrow and so a dockside greeting may work better than a wet dingy ride. We plan on checking out Funky Nassau, the night spots, good coffee and provision Ooroo for a sail to Eleuthera..and Governors Harbour. Wind permitting.

Right now I'm sailing the ETA on the GPS. Again we are doing 6knots while tacking into a SE wind. So much for the predicted southerly. At least we are not using motors....bragging rights are with us at the moment.

But not now....(7hours latter) We got to within 11nm of Nassau, our closest point in the tack and so turned on engines and are beelining it to port. The GPS is showing that we have 6582m of water below us. That's 600m higher than Mt Kilimanjaro....but straight below our keel. And we are in sight of skyscrapers. Amazing contrast. I'm not sure I'm ready for the big smoke.

Girls are coming on board....We cleaned the head by having hot showers in fresh water. I scrubbed the galley floor, made up the spare cabin and we all washed the deck. Now squeaky clean we may just be tempted by the Funky Nassau night life.

Arriving late we anchored right outside the Nassau Hilton...with two massive Cruise ships next to us....and security keeping and eye on the dock. So feeling safe the boys are off to town. I will stay put and play with my stollen Internet connection...thanks to the technology we have on board.

Tomorrow we find a real marina. Nighty night.
Vessel Name: OOROO
Vessel Make/Model: Fontaine Pajot - Venezia 42
Hailing Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia
Crew: Richard McLeod
About: Jules and Sarah Hunt.....mother and daughter. I have the job of makin sailors out of them while trying to do the same with myself.
Extra: My crew will be an ever changing structure. I'm the constant because I have time. Other than that I expect to have family, friends and hitchhikers to sail with me back home to Oz. will be a management and HR challenge.
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Who: Richard McLeod
Port: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia