22 October 2021 | 'S: 'E, Grand Chancellor Hotel, Brisbane
15 October 2021 | 27 26.662'S:153 06.434'E, River gate marina, Brisbane
12 October 2021 | 26 18.073'S:156 00.246'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
11 October 2021 | 25 41.635'S:158 24.609'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
10 October 2021 | 25 03.764'S:160 40.921'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
09 October 2021 | 24 16.537'S:163 21.449'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
08 October 2021 | 23 23.005'S:166 09.112'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
07 October 2021 | 22 12.270'S:168 20.490'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
06 October 2021 | 21 00.046'S:169 58.439'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
05 October 2021 | 19 49.684'S:171 35.302'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
04 October 2021 | 18 37.463'S:173 06.679'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
03 October 2021 | 18 11.767'S:175 05.347'E, At sea from Fiji to Brisbane
02 October 2021 | 17 46.369'S:177 22.935'E, Port Denarau marina , Fiji
18 September 2021 | 17 46.369'S:177 22.935'E, Port Denarau marina , Fiji
16 September 2021 | 17 46.369'S:177 22.935'E, Denarau, Fiji
15 September 2021 | 17 46.369'S:177 22.935'E, Denarau, Fiji
14 September 2021 | 17 44.915'S:177 22.373'E, Denarau, Fiji
13 September 2021 | 17 44.915'S:177 22.373'E, Quarantine anchorage, Denarau, Fiji
11 September 2021 | 17 14.384'S:178 18.007'E, At Sea to Fiji
10 September 2021 | 17 32.600'S:179 35.350'W, At Sea to Fiji

Turn the music up, its the weekend!

07 March 2021 | 10 24.394'N:75 32.692'W, Club de Pesca, Cartegena, Colombia
6th March

10 24.394 N
75 32.692 W

Weather; sunny, wind n/a, waves n/a

It was a little overcast this morning first thing, it might be a good day to continue with the stanchion cleaning!
My sunburn and aches and pains are a little better today but still obvious enough to warn me to take better care of myself when I venture out in the midday sun!
The first thing I noticed on getting up today was that we were rocking a bit more than normal, the reason became apparent when I looked out of the starboard portlight - our outside neighbor, a very large, beautiful motor boat had left the dock, we were missing our buffering boat! They went out last weekend so we presume that the owners were on board again and had gone out again for this weekend. I then looked a bit further out into the harbor and noticed that the boats that had been out at anchor a little way off from the marina had all hauled anchor and were gone - this included the Cuzzi bros on White Arrow that we had met in Curacao but not caught up with since arriving in Colombia, if we had known they were leaving so soon we would have gone across to see them before now. We think they must have taken advantage of a decent weather window to continue on their trip towards Panama, possibly stopping at San Blas on the way, where ever they have gone we hope that we will get the chance to meet up with them again and wish them safe passage in the meanwhile. Being the weekend the harbor came to life early with motor boats of every size and shape zipping around the place full of swim suit clad revelers and very loud Latino music blaring out in all directions - it has to be loud to be heard over the noise of their motors, I just wish they would all play the same station or recording as the combined musical sounds are both deafening and muddled, even if I could understand what is being sung I doubt it would make any sense! I couldn't put off the port side cleaning any longer so taking every precaution that I had ignored two days before, I set off to the port side bow to begin. It was somewhat more difficult to do than the starboard side for a couple of reasons - the awning which goes over the middle of the deck was in place on this side meaning that I had to crawl underneath it to get to the bow and then work underneath it as I made my way back down to the stern plus the power cables and water hose run down this side of the deck making more obstacles to work around. The awning did provide a bit of extra shade but as it is only a couple of feet off of the deck I could only scoot along on my butt with my head bent over to reach the stanchions - it wasn't comfortable. As I had used most of the FSR on the starboard side I was forced to use some stain remover spray which wasn't nearly as easy to use nor was it as good at removing the rust stains - I had to scrub harder to get them off and it was darn hard going. I made my way along the deck until I reached the part which was outside of the awning - just by the cockpit entrance, by now it was almost 1 pm, time to stop for the day - there is always tomorrow.
Gerry meanwhile had hosed down the starboard side of the boat, then taken apart the primary and secondary winches and greased them, or so he says, I didn't see him do it and of course he didn't take any photos so we only have his word that it has been done but I'm sure he wouldn't be pulling the wool over my eyes and besides he would have been working in the shade of the cockpit - a preferable place to be! He did prepare lunch which I was more than ready for, it was so good to be back below and out of the heat. We elected to do nothing for the afternoon, it was far too noisy, rocky and hot outside with the harbor traffic and the sun being relentless so we examined the eyelids for light leaks and read our books until late afternoon. Gerry asked what time I wanted to go out for dinner, nice offer but I was tired, not particularly hungry and really didn't feel like getting ready to go anywhere so I asked for a rain check. I'm not sure if he was really disappointed or not but he agreed to stay in for the night and we had yet another soup night - it's getting to be a habit! So with the gentle but constant rocking continuing and loud music blocked out by closing up the boat, we've spent the evening as normal - finishing the Netflix series we were watching and then falling into bed. Not a very exciting day but at least the boat is getting some TLC.
Vessel Name: Opal of Queensland
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 52AC
Hailing Port: Bundaberg
Crew: Nicky, Gerry and Priss
About: Motley mostly, especially the cat
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Who: Nicky, Gerry and Priss
Port: Bundaberg