20 June 2021 | 08 55.038'S:140 05.994'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
19 June 2021 | 08 45.420'S:137 17.565'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
18 June 2021 | 08 25.251'S:134 33.143'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
17 June 2021 | 08 04.645'S:132 02.891'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
16 June 2021 | 07 47.405'S:129 37.340'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
15 June 2021 | 07 28.231'S:127 29.795'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
14 June 2021 | 07 07.255'S:125 27.880'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
13 June 2021 | 06 35.497'S:123 01.496'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
12 June 2021 | 06 10.013'S:122 20.620'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
11 June 2021 | 05 46.278'S:117 38.692'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
10 June 2021 | 05 18.830'S:114 55.667'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
09 June 2021 | 04 53.353'S:111 51.748'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
08 June 2021 | 04 37.682'S:109 05.337'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
07 June 2021 | 04 20.016'S:106 33.433'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
06 June 2021 | 03 49.728'S:104 21.936'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
05 June 2021 | 03 12.953'S:102 05.669'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
04 June 2021 | 02 38.543'S:99 39.600'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
03 June 2021 | 01 41.208'S:97 38.443'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
02 June 2021 | 00 46.495'S:95 51.030'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva
01 June 2021 | 00 03.779'N:94 05.962'W, At sea to Nuku Hiva

A whole lot of nothing and ANZAC day

26 April 2021 | 09 22.025'N:79 56.642'W, Shelter Bay Marina, Cristobel, Panama
23rd -25th April

09 22. 025 N
79 56.642 W

Weather; hot and humid with some showers, wind n/a, waves n/a


Today was a very slow day, we had no plans for the day, which is becoming the normal around here so we gave ourselves the day off and did nothing, well almost nothing. Gerry had noticed that one of our port side stanchions looked like it was coming adrift from the cap rail so off he went to investigate. It certainly looked to be pulling out so he unscrewed it completely and set about fixing it. The screw holes looked to be pulled out and the weld at the base of the stanchion appeared to be cracked. We have tried to work out how and when this might have happened but as we had only had the one bad, uncontrolled gybe and that was on the other side when the preventer broke we have been unable to work out how it has happened. Irrespective of our wondering we needed to fix the stanchion in place. Gerry drilled out the screw holes and then plugged them with a couple of wood plugs that we have on board then left them to cure for 24 hours. Then he had another look at the non-skid pads where the ladder attaches over the side of the boat - once again the glue was still gluggy and not holding them in place, we wondered if it was the humidity and heat that was preventing them from staying stuck, but having no real answer we just had to try once again to see if we could get them to stick firmly. Once again the pads were cleaned off and a new film of glue was applied - fingers and toes crossed that they stay put this time. I can't think of a single other thing that we did all day but we did go to the restaurant for dinner, if you can call nachos and a beer dinner!


Saturday and another day of nothing much happening. Gerry attacked the cap rail early on, cutting away and levelling the wooden plugs that he had inserted yesterday. He then drilled a couple of holes and screwed the stanchion back in place. Its not a particularly good fix as the actual stanchion needs re aligning and welding back into position but it will do until we are somewhere that we can take the whole thing apart and get the work done - here is not the place apparently! We had booked to do laundry today at midday so the latter part of the morning was spent gathering up every last bit of laundry, sorting and pre spraying the stained stuff ready to drag up to the laundry which I did just before midday. I'm not quite sure why there is a laundry lady as she does nothing, I loaded the machine and set it going, she told me to come back in 35 mins as that is how long the wash takes so I went back to the boat where we had a quick lunch - the fresh baguettes are too good not to indulge in! When I returned to the laundry the machine had finished and the washing was just sitting in the machine waiting to be put in the drier, again I wondered why there is a laundry lady! I put everything into driers and then sat waiting until it had done it's thing before pulling it all out folding it and packing it back into my laundry cart. All the time I was there the laundry lady sat outside and did nothing but she did manage to get up and write a bill for me at the end for the use of the machines which I then had to take to the minimart and pay before I could take my laundry away. It passed an hour or so outside in the heat of the day so I was really hot and bothered by the time I got back to the boat and downed a litre or two of cold water before unpacking and stashing the clean stuff. It was then time to collapse in a heap and watch the next couple of episodes of a series we are currently watching before dragging ourselves to the restaurant for dinner prior to an early night.




I didn't sleep very well last night, I kept thinking of things that we were going to be trying to deal with in the next couple of months without any internet as once we leave Panama it is doubtful that we will have any connection apart from the satellite phone and I began to think about the bills that come through electronically that I won't be able to access or pay along with anything else important that we might miss. When I mentioned it all to Gerry this morning he just shrugged it all off as if it was not important but the last thing I need is to arrive in Australia with a heap of bills to pay (and by then I suspect they will be well overdue and in arrears with interest on top). I think I might have to try and redirect them to our daughter and get her to deal with them until we get home but I'm sure there will be something that I forget. I was awake and out of bed for the breaking of dawn - the first time in years I have been up in time for the ANZAC day dawn service and there isn't one here!
We got a message from our agent that he was going to come with our fenders and lines at 11 am so we waited and waited and waited, watching the clock tick around to 2 pm before I asked Gerry if he was sure that the agent had said today - he had mistaken the tine of the message and consequently got the wrong day, our agent should be here tomorrow! So being obvious I then asked Gerry if the agent had actually received the payment from our bank, there was no mention of it and although we assume he has it or he wouldn't be bringing us the lines and fenders, I wanted an actual acknowledgement of the money being in his account as we know assumptions make an "ass out of u and me". Gerry text messaged him to ask the question and finally got a positive answer- thank goodness I can now breath a bit easier on that front. We also found out that we are booked to transit through the canal on Friday, we don't have any further information at the moment but we know that small vessels (that's us) only start to go through the first lock late in the afternoon so we are expecting a late afternoon /early evening transit which isn't really the best time to be watching out for us on the lock cameras but when we have a better idea of the time I'll be sure to let you all know. I whiled away the time on a facetime call with a really bad connection to my sister - it was so good to spend some time with her and her husband from afar.
We spent the afternoon watching the last 3 episodes of season one of the series The Sinner which kept us entertained until dinner time, on the boat and not at the restaurant!
So as you can see it has been a pretty boring sort of 3 days with not much happening and to make things worse I can't imagine that the next few days aren't going to be much more exciting.
Vessel Name: Opal of Queensland
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana 52AC
Hailing Port: Bundaberg
Crew: Nicky, Gerry and Priss
About: Motley mostly, especially the cat
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Who: Nicky, Gerry and Priss
Port: Bundaberg