Adventures of Orcinius

11 September 2015 | HOME - Vancouver WA
24 August 2015 | 46 11.4'N:123 51.4'W, Port of Astoria Marina
22 August 2015 | 46 42.0'N:132 09,4'W, 330 West of CR Bouy, Astoria
21 August 2015 | 46 41.8'N:136 13.8'W, 500 West of Astoria
20 August 2015 | 46 22.82'N:140 28.00'W, East end of High
20 August 2015 | 46 22.80'N:140 28.32'W, Middle of High Same as Fish
20 August 2015 | 46 22.79'N:140 28.57'W, Middle of High
20 August 2015 | 46 22.7'N:140 30.2'W, 675 Miles West of CR
20 August 2015 | 45 57.6'N:144 54.0'W, East End of the High
18 August 2015 | 44 38.2'N:147 57.0'W, 1000 NM to Astoria
18 August 2015 | 43 31.0'N:150 28.0'W, 1126 NM to Astoria
17 August 2015 | 41 40.1'N:153 00.1'W, 1200 miles West of Astoria
16 August 2015 | 39 30.1'N:154 53.1'W, West end of the North Pacific High
15 August 2015 | 37 34.5'N:156 00.0'W, 1011 North of Oahu
15 August 2015 | 37 04.5'N:156 23.0'W, 983 North of Oahu
14 August 2015 | 34 12.3'N:157 26.1'W, 800 North of Oahu
13 August 2015 | 31 50.0'N:158 06.5'W, 650 North of Oahu
12 August 2015 | 29 02.0'N:158 51.0'W, 330 North of Oahu
11 August 2015 | 26 32.0'N:158 59.0'W, 330 North of Oahu
09 August 2015 | 23 44.1'N:158 49.4'W, 140 N of Oahu

Shake 'em Out

11 August 2015 | 26 32.0'N:158 59.0'W, 330 North of Oahu
My watch starts at 0300Z and about 0330 I can just start seeing the dim horrizon off to the East. We

had been going along for the past 30 plus hours under a double reefed main and mostly a full gib except

when we came across a squall then we would reef in the gib 50%. The seas had settled quite a bit over

night and as dawn broke I could not see anything to the east that was threatening. The wind had

dropped to 14-15 knots so I shook out one of the reefs in the main and gave her full gib. We

maintained a solid 7+ knots all day until just before the Pacseanet checkin when a squall engulfed us.

Probably should have taken in a reef in the main before but hadn't so was stuck with what I had through

the front of the squall. Fired up the engines to have better control and pointed it into the wind and

started to furl in the gib to depower. Malo and Mosese being Fijians don't do anything expediantly.

Malo on the furling winch and Mosese letting off the sheet. As I said no expedience, but slow is too

darn slow. Mosese lets off too much sheet while Malo is still fiddling with the winch when swack, the

gib sheet hits the front eisenglass and puts a big tear in it near the bottom. Nothing I can do to put

a spark at their butt so I finally yell at Mosese to tighten up the sheet and I reach across to grab

and yanked it in tight when Mosese finally shows some urgency and pulls it so it isn't slapping around.

The lesson wasn't too painfull as there wasn't any one of us in the sheet's way. It could easlily have

broken an arm, leg or possibly decapitate, God forbid. The next time there was a sign of a little more

urgency when we did a sail change.

I had been carrying our screecher pulled uptight and ready for some low wind sailing. No low wind

enough so we decided to remove it from its deployable position after the Pacseanet. The plan was to

furl in the gib 100%, then put a second reef in the main for the night and finally drop the screecher

and bag it. The gib went very smooth with M & M, and in full control. The point had been taken. Then

with the boat motoring into the wind we dropped a second reef in the main. Now comes the screecher.

They were quite swift at getting it down on the deck and removed from the furling rig. Then all three

of us bent and stuffed it into the bag. By then Lisa was back at the helm and we were pointing back

North under sail and engines off. Reinforcement was in telling the boys, M & M they did a good job. I

try to treat them like they are my sons. After all, they are both younger than my youngest child by 6

and 16 years. I am sure that Greg and Steve can relate to how I treat them... a little short at times

but over it in a moment and really trying to teach them methods and techniques.

Now the day is done and a new one to start. Ours ends and starts at ooooZ. Overall it was a good run

of 158 miles compared to the day before at 140. 18 miles doesn't seem like much but over the next 12-

14 days it reapresents another day when added up. I have given M & M the task of fixing dinner. We

caught another Mahi Mahi today. This one a little larger than yeasterdays so we have alot of fish in

the refrigerator. Dinner will be Mahi Mahi with mashed potatoes and brockoli ala Mosese style. I will

make up some hamburger buns in the morning and we can have some BBQ's Mahi sandwiches.

All for now.

Vessel Name: ORCINIUS
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 440
Hailing Port: Vancouver, Washington
Crew: John LeDoux & Lisa Danger
Sailing since the mid 90's. Prior to this trip, 4 sailing adventures from Vancouver WA to the San Juan and Gulf Islands in the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Bought ORCINIUS in West Palm Beach Fl in April 2010. Sailed her South through the Panama Canal and back up the West coast to home port. [...]
Extra: Lisa is the real captain. I have never been at the helm when docking or anchoring, she has a great touch to docking.
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Who: John LeDoux & Lisa Danger
Port: Vancouver, Washington