Adventures of Orcinius

11 September 2015 | HOME - Vancouver WA
24 August 2015 | 46 11.4'N:123 51.4'W, Port of Astoria Marina
22 August 2015 | 46 42.0'N:132 09,4'W, 330 West of CR Bouy, Astoria
21 August 2015 | 46 41.8'N:136 13.8'W, 500 West of Astoria
20 August 2015 | 46 22.82'N:140 28.00'W, East end of High
20 August 2015 | 46 22.80'N:140 28.32'W, Middle of High Same as Fish
20 August 2015 | 46 22.79'N:140 28.57'W, Middle of High
20 August 2015 | 46 22.7'N:140 30.2'W, 675 Miles West of CR
20 August 2015 | 45 57.6'N:144 54.0'W, East End of the High
18 August 2015 | 44 38.2'N:147 57.0'W, 1000 NM to Astoria
18 August 2015 | 43 31.0'N:150 28.0'W, 1126 NM to Astoria
17 August 2015 | 41 40.1'N:153 00.1'W, 1200 miles West of Astoria
16 August 2015 | 39 30.1'N:154 53.1'W, West end of the North Pacific High
15 August 2015 | 37 34.5'N:156 00.0'W, 1011 North of Oahu
15 August 2015 | 37 04.5'N:156 23.0'W, 983 North of Oahu
14 August 2015 | 34 12.3'N:157 26.1'W, 800 North of Oahu
13 August 2015 | 31 50.0'N:158 06.5'W, 650 North of Oahu
12 August 2015 | 29 02.0'N:158 51.0'W, 330 North of Oahu
11 August 2015 | 26 32.0'N:158 59.0'W, 330 North of Oahu
09 August 2015 | 23 44.1'N:158 49.4'W, 140 N of Oahu

A Bird in the Hand

20 August 2015 | 46 22.7'N:140 30.2'W, 675 Miles West of CR
A Bird in the Hand

On my shift this morning it came time to take care of some daily bathroom duties. It is dark down in the hulls and so when I went into the head, I could faintly see and heard a flutter. Pulled the door behind me closed and turned on the light. Here was the bird in the picture making a run for the shower of which the shower door was closed but there is always a gap at the bottom to let water run to the shower sump. Anyway, the bird see me and heads for the gap and tries to squeeze through it and it makes it. As I prepare to do my duty, here comes the bird back out, sees me and promptly turns back around for the gap. It is about half way through when I grab it's tail feathers and pull it back to my side where I grasped it gently and took it out on the back. On the way back I grabbed the camera to take this picture and a couple more (didn't turn out, missed) and set the bird on the back counter. Focused the camera and it jumps into a fluttery flight to the back steps abou t the time I snap the picture. Try again, gone again only this time off into the mighty Pacific Ocean. This bird lives out here and the teltale sign is his little webbed feet. We see alot of them.

As I write this our chartplotter says that if we keep up this speed we should arrive in Astoria in 3 days and 6-10 hours. That by the way is in the middle of the night so don't no one try to come out to Clatsop spit to see us come in. Our grib is showing that if all goes well we will be able stay well below a low pressure system that is moving from W to ENE and will peeter out in next couple days. As typical our landfall will warrant at least one good nights sleep and another day or two to chill out and give our crew some sight seeing. So if all goes well we should be pulling up in front of the house about this time next week. Might be a day later but will let all know. I am going to follow this blog with some picture blogs as I call them. No words, just pictures, i.e. one at a time, about 3 in all. The first one (on baking day) is the three guys are trying to land a fairly good size Albecore tuna. About 25lbs when it hit it's head on the back stoop and the hook came out. That is the biggest tuna we have seen this year. It would have filled all of our pint gars for canning. Second is also on baking day. Mosese was assigned to cook dinner and of course I did the baking. The last is of us working on the broken steering quadrant.

By the way. The last tuna that got away was the last fish caught or lost. None since. Water temperature is now a little too low. About 68f. Maybe when we approach the West coast the Japaneese current will warm up the ocean a little and we will see some action again. We still have a meat line out.

OK all for now.

Vessel Name: ORCINIUS
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 440
Hailing Port: Vancouver, Washington
Crew: John LeDoux & Lisa Danger
Sailing since the mid 90's. Prior to this trip, 4 sailing adventures from Vancouver WA to the San Juan and Gulf Islands in the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Bought ORCINIUS in West Palm Beach Fl in April 2010. Sailed her South through the Panama Canal and back up the West coast to home port. [...]
Extra: Lisa is the real captain. I have never been at the helm when docking or anchoring, she has a great touch to docking.
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Who: John LeDoux & Lisa Danger
Port: Vancouver, Washington