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19 October 2012
I sat this morning in front of the computer, hot cup of coffee in hand, eager to read our latest online subscription of Pacific Yachting Magazine. What immediately caught my eye were the words - "Johnstone Strait" with an article written by a couple who decided to conquer their fears and transit the strait. Reading this article caused me to reflect over some previous passages, prompting me to write our next blog!

Having spent 13 yrs sailing on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, this stretch of water became commonplace to us, complete with stories! For me, in the early years it would color where we would go for a weekend, and how early we would wake in efforts to make it home before experiencing an unsolicited adventure! We started out getting caught innocently by squalls that would suddenly show up without much warning, or riding the wave action created from the notorious winds and current change combination. Darren always assuring me in the early days that this was one of the toughest places for me to learn how to sail, so to be kind to myself. In all honesty, I used to smile and think he was simply pacifying me, and he didn't really realize that he married a bit of chicken when it came to rough weather on the water. Each time, I would confidently declare that I was a fair weather sailor and never really sought to be more, even with his gentle poking and prodding!

Today on reflection with a few Johnstone Strait adventures of our own, including a brief knockdown, I realized years ago that I had become far more saltier than a fair weather sailor and I am very proud of it! It is an interesting body of water, with a documented Coastguard log of assistance, but if your timing is right, it can also be a huge salty accomplishment to add to your log book!

If you have the opportunity to explore, this beautiful body of water has untouched spectacular scenery, amazing wildlife sightings, and the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. This is a sanctuary created for Killer Whales, as preservation and education. Also commonly known as "the rubbing beach." This area is not open to boat traffic, but if you are lucky, you may encounter a few amazing whale sightings along the way in the strait!

* Picture uploaded from the internet, as usually due to conditions, we have never taken any of our own!
Vessel Name: Orion
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Hailing Port: Victoria, B.C.
Crew: Darren & Cindy, & our adventurous dog Missy!
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3 months of blissful travelling, until an incident with the engine off Quadra Island, forced us to be towed in to Campbell River and get back to work!
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Sailing in the Broughton Archipeligo, otherwise known as our back yard!
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Who: Darren & Cindy, & our adventurous dog Missy!
Port: Victoria, B.C.