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What a summer!

19 September 2014
It is so hard for me to believe that summer is winding to a close, and fall is on our doorstep. For those of you who know me, I am NEVER ready to say goodbye to warm summer nights, ocean swimming, less clothing and of course flip flops!

This has been a summer to remember for so many reasons! Moving to our new neighbourhood opened the door for us to explore favorite places as well as discovering a few new ones (not sharing) within just a few hours from our doorstep! We proudly put on a 150% sail that had been tucked away in our storage unit, with hopes of doing a lot more light air sailing. Although it didn't look the same after being rolled up for the past 8 yrs, a little discolored, a little stained, we coined it "Big Ugly" and decided to use it anyways. This sail has proved to be amazing! It may not look the prettiest, but it opened up a whole new world of enjoyment for us and sailing. We spent so much more time sailing this summer, and learnt first hand what a balanced helm actually feels like! The boat is happy, the owners are happy and Big Ugly was definitely the key!

We had an epic weekend a few weeks ago with our son and his girlfriend aboard for the day! We went out with the purpose of relaxing, enjoying family time and doing some salmon fishing. It was a beautiful morning, we were lucky and the guys did get a few beautiful fish. We had a bit of wind to sail back to a beautiful nearby beach spot for dinner. We cleaned and bagged the fish, put the heads and tails in a trap and went to the beach to put our toes in the sand and stretch our legs. We returned to a few keepers in the trap, enough for a lovely appy and enjoyed a beautifully prepared BBQ salmon. The sunset was amazing (picture above) the moon and four happy stomaches and hearts full!

LOVE our lifestyle, we are truly blessed.

Cheers to Spring!

22 March 2014 | Sidney, B.C.
The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and this girl has a new found spring in her step!!! As much as I love and embrace our lifestyle living aboard, it is no secret that spring and summer are my definite favorites! Thankfully Darren pulls out all the stops during the winter, ensuring the boat is warm, comfortably tied to the dock during storms, and preparing some absolutely delicious comfort meals aboard. Yes, I am one spoiled girl!

To update, after living in downtown Victoria for the past three years and making the most of sailing weekends when we could, we decided in February to move the boat to Sidney, which is known as the Gateway to the (B.C) Gulf Islands. This has increased our weekend sailing options immensely, and has us both very excited! Although missing our boating friends/neighbours, we are feeling really good about our decision. We have traded the busy Inner Harbour for peace and quiet, and a true walk about community. The community theme is nautical, which is lovely, and the sunrise and sunsets are so spectacular they take your breath away!

Missy has done well making the adjustment to her new neighbourhood also. We have several walking options at the top of the ramp, and she decides when we get there which one it will be today. There is also a sandy beach spot for her to romp around on, saving stray pieces of kelp whenever she gets the chance :)

The Purge is on!!!!!

20 October 2013
Living aboard a sailboat with the two of us sharing a very small closet often means staying on top of clutter. Darren has always been so good at this, which I admire, while it continues to be my challenge. I tend to just pull and shove when I put things back on my shelves, so no surprise that it starts to look like mayhem. I try very hard to practice the "bring one aboard, lose one" motto, but bringing things aboard becomes very insidious. When you have both of us doing that, it's not long before things get cluttered and at times seeming out of control! Thankfully we are very compatible in that we both dislike clutter and appreciate living within tidy surroundings.

Embarrassing to admit, Darren has been tripping over my "stuff" throughout the boat, and I assured him I would tend to this while he was out of town. In all honesty, I was tripping over my stuff too, but turning a blind eye to it as this fall weather has been so nice! If the sun is out, my kayak calls, dog walks, time with friends etc. You get the idea.

So.......the time had arrived and I had two weekends to accomplish this daunting task. Last weekend was so beautiful that there was no way I was spending it indoors! This past week I secretly hoped for not so nice weather and this weekend worked out beautifully for me. The fog rolled in, and only improved to be high clouds and grey.

The Purge is on, yippee! As proof in the photo, from our closet alone I purged 24 items from my clothing! This doesn't include magazines, recipes and other misc stuff that I removed too. You probably find it funny that I counted them, but in living with our motto above - I now have 24 items to my credit to bring aboard!

Obviously we don't stick to our motto item per item, or I would never have to be faced with a large purge in the first place, but I do enjoy teasing Darren!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

14 October 2013 | Victoria, BC
As I sit today enjoying the warm sunshine, it seemed the perfect opportunity to settle in and do a much needed blog post.

This has been a crazy, busy year for us. Each running in different directions due to employment and making the most of our time together when we could. Darren was working out of town for six months so our lives suddenly became a schedule of week on and week off, trying to cram "life" into a week. It proved to be exhausting, both physically on Darren and mentally on me and not something we were truly enjoying. We reminded ourselves that life is just too darn short to not be enjoying our time here. With this and some creative planning, Darren has since started his own business utilizing his lifetime trade of 35 years working with Glass! We are both much happier with him being home, and besides that, his time away was seriously cutting into our sailing/pleasure time!

Since August, we made the most of our sailing weekends, until one weekend which abruptly came to a halt with a mechanical, thankfully while we were just outside the harbour. The problem was not obvious and had Darren scratching his head. He replaced all of our water system, both fresh water and sea water and eventually discovered it was our heat exchanger. With that repaired, we were in a hurry to get out and spend weekends aboard every chance we could to salvage the little bit we had left of summer!

It had been years since we had put up and played with our spinnaker, so the first "light" winds day we cut the lines and were off to play! It was so wonderful, and so colorful, I can hardly wait to have the opportunity to do it again!

Fall is now upon us, and the weather is spectacular! I am very thankful for the opportunities we had this summer to feed our passion, and hopeful for many more! We plan on doing more winter sailing this year and heading out for day sails, simply to play. It still amazes me how you can leave the dock for four hours, and it feels like it has been a few days! We return with fresh perspectives and happy hearts!

We have so many things to embrace and be thankful for! Family, friends, & good health are definite on the top of our list! Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


WOW -Women on Water!

21 February 2013
Saturday March 9th, through the Bluewater Cruising Association courses are being held with women specifically in mind! This is a first time presentation in Victoria, B.C. and it has many of us women boaters excited!

Please take a look at the course selections above, and consider registering while there are few spaces left for this awesome event!

Hope to see you there!
Vessel Name: Orion
Vessel Make/Model: '38 Dencho Choate
Hailing Port: Victoria, B.C.
Crew: Darren & Cindy, & our adventurous dog Missy!
About: Come share in our living aboard adventures while we work to fund our extended cruising kitty!
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Orion's Photos - Port McNeill, Central Coast - Campbell River, B.C.
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The three surprises we discovered on the shore!
Swimming and suntanning - Life is good!
Darren coming onboard after a great swim!
Rebecca Spit, one of our all time fav spots!
The majestic Eagle!
Treated to a whales on our way into Port Harvey
Darren scowling that we had to be towed after our engine was flooded with water after enduring a bad storm at anchor
Here is the most expensive tow we have ever had! (thankfully our insurance did cover)
Codville Lagoon
Dinghy our girl ashore and hike the spit!
Rafting is popular at this anchorage
Time for some creativity!
Scenic views from Port Harvey
So beautiful!
Whale watching boats
Going ashore!
Fabulous sunset
Another gorgeous end to a wonderful day in paradise!
Cody & Missy taking a break from casting
Amazing sunsets at Spider Island
Fishing in Bella Bella
Mom & Son, happy to be spending time on the boat together!
Father & Son!  Cody flew to Bella Bella for Father
Our beautiful girl!
Fishing hard
Enjoy the sun, fish & a few beers
Watching his rod
Nice fish!
Happy to be underway....sharing the waters with a cruise ship
Chris & Kara spending the day fishing too!
An Eagle spotted at Codville Lagoon
Packed up and ready to head back.  One wet & sandy dog!
Stick time and swimming!
Me - Loving being on vacation!
Missy running along the beach with Colter & Bella at Hakai.  Good times!
Found another stick!
Fun times at the beach!
sunrise at Pruth Bay
A little MacGregor shipwrecked on the beach after the storm we endured the night before
Having the boat pulled.  Always stressful!
Looking sexy and newly painted on the hard
Our sushi feast after our 6 hr paddle in the Octopus Islands
Octopus Islands
Our hike led us to a gorgeous beach!
Solar Dinghy
Darren cutting up a little wood from a fallen stump for a weiny roast on the rocks
Yummy! Had to hurry though, tide was coming in!
The start of our 6 hr paddle
Darren making an Aquacache Inuikshuk complete with coordinates for our friends to find at a later date
Awesome looking & completed!
Orion at anchor in Spider Islands, Central Coast
The gang meeting up at Hakai for the weekend!
Discovered some gorgeous fungai while on our hike
Chris & Kara going surfing at Hakai
Missy having fun at Sagar Lake
Everything covered in hopes of not getting eaten alive
Missy discovered something interesting!
The Happy Couple!
Out for a hike with a very happy dog!


Who: Darren & Cindy, & our adventurous dog Missy!
Port: Victoria, B.C.